Welcome to my blog about all things Reading, Writing, and Romance!

You can expect to find posts featuring guest authors and their books, Pride Promotions events, news and ponderings about things of interest to the LGBTQ+ community, celebrations and giveaways, and snippets from my published fiction as part of the #RainbowSnippets Facebook group.

Rattle my Cages:  You can find me on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads, or send me an e-mail at c.descoteauxwritesATgmail.com.

I’d love to hear from you!

PinchOfTheGame[The]_headerbannerI write LGBTQ+ Romance because watching two (or more) regular folks figure out how to be happy makes me happy too. Every one of them deserves a beautiful love story, and as long as they keep telling them to me I’ll keep writing them down. In my worlds you’ll find independent bikers and mechanics, out-of-work teachers and motivational speakers, unknown musicians and bartenders who’ve been around for a half-century. I don’t have anything against billionaires and rock stars (okay, not against rock stars ;)), but other people have the alphas covered.

NestingHabitsofStrangeBirds[The]_headerbannerHome is the Portland Metro Area in Oregon, where nocturnal keyboard-junkies blend right in and in some places you can be as weird as you are without fear. As an out and proud bisexual and life-long weird-o, I think that’s pretty cool.

This list of things I like isn’t anywhere near inclusive, but until I can think of something clever to post here, this is it:  Love, Romance of just about any flavor, coffee, diet Mt. Dew, the San Francisco 49ers, the color purple, reading, Metallica, knitting, jazz, rainbows, chocolate, the Seattle Seahawks, hearts & flowers, Slipknot, holidays, poetry, semi-colons, West Coast-style piano trios, MST3K, the color pink, football fans who appreciate a good running game, classic rock, Harley Davidson and Triumph motorcycles, cats (regardless of how grammatically correct they may be) and Beethoven.

I also enjoy photography. Some of the photos on this blog were taken by me and may not  be used without permission (which I’ll probably give, so ask me!). Thanks for respecting my IP.

If you see any of your pictures on my site without proper credit, please email me. I’ll give credit or remove them, whichever you’d prefer.


All site contents copyright © 2012-15 Charley Descoteaux


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