A quick guide to the parts of speech…

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beachHappy Happy Weekend!

Why does the week after a long weekend feel so blasted long? It’s not fair.

Anyway, last week I introduced you to two of my new-ish characters, Eric and Nathan, of the ORCoast story. Nathan muddied the waters a bit when he called Eric darling, so (despite how I love muddying the waters in general) this week’s snippet should clear things up.

The guys have just hired a handyman to help them fix up the camp, and he’s tall, dark, and handsome—of course! More on the handyman later (promise). For now, here’s the important bit. Handyman just went into the kitchen, and—


Nathan glided out shortly thereafter, like it was scripted; he leaned close and whispered in Eric’s ear. “Oh, em, gee, he can handyman me anytime.”

“Handyman isn’t a verb, Nathan.”

“It is in his case.” Nathan made a growling noise and winked. “But you saw him first, so hands-off.”

“I didn’t say—”

“You never say, so I’m saying it for you.”


Thanks for reading!

One more thing, then I’ll let you get on to more snippets!

If you’re reading this on 12/06 or 12/07, there’s still time to grab my short story “Comfort” at ARe while it’s free. It’s a second edition, originally published in December of 2012. You can check it out here.

Okay, that’s all for me–see you in the comments!

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And now for something completely different…

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beachHola lovelies!

Thanks a million for all your comments on the witch story. It’s waiting in line in the editorial queue at Dreamspinner, so this week I’m posting from a different story. I thought I’d shared from this one before but can’t find any evidence of that.

This snippet is from the book I’m calling The Oregon Coast Story for now, in which two friends buy an abandoned hotel in central Oregon and turn it into a tiny west coast version of P-town. It’s a contemporary with a little drama and a little angst, and more than a little sexy-times. If all goes well it’ll be released in September of next year.

Eric is MC #1 and we’re in his POV; Nathan is the BFF.


“This place is falling down. I can’t believe you dragged me all the way out here.” Eric crossed his arms over his chest and glared at Nathan.

Nathan laughed. “Did you just harrumph out loud?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“You didn’t ask a question, darling. But if you had, I’d say we’re here so we might as well get out and look around.”


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Closer to a money shot…

Photo credit: Joseph D.R. OLeary

Hello and welcome!

I have news this week, but first, the snippet.

I’m going with another 8 from Michael’s POV, because I wanted an excuse to lead with this picture… not that I needed one. Plus, I sensed a desire for a racier snippet last week, and I aim to please. 😀

This 8 is after a short road trip, in which Jeffrey’s clever chatter drove Michael halfway around the bend. The first line is Michael’s. (Usual warnings apply to this unedited snippet.)


“Be glad I don’t gag you. I don’t think I could—”

“Now that’s a good idea.” He grabbed the front of my shirt in both fists and walked me backward. “Fill up my mouth for a while.”

My back hit the wall and I was a goner. Damned prick got overpowered again.

Jeff fumbled with my pants—maybe too much—but I pretended not to notice. He managed to get them open and then dropped to his knees in front of me.


Thanks for reading!

News item #1: the expanded version of this story is finished! It wrapped up at a little over 32K. Publication is scheduled for May/June of 2015, and if it’s well received I may write a sequel. I may write one anyway, because I dig this world. It has at least two more stories in it.

News item #2: Maybe some of you remember the color story—Colin and Al? The ink is barely dry on the contract to publish it—Loose Id will release it sometime next spring! This story has resisted all my attempts at a decent title, so (in addition to the proposed content edits) I’m hoping my editor can help in that area.

That’s it for me!

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A different point of view…


Hiya, fellow snippet-lovers!

Last week I shared from the scene where Mick sees Scotty—the welder—for the first time. This week’s snippet is from Scotty’s POV. It wasn’t easy to choose, because I have a big love for Scotty. It’s funny, but I always seem to fall harder for the MC’s love interest than the main character himself… (I know, Freudian much?)

As always, please ignore the creative punctuation. 🙂

Scotty worked late, converting an old VW bus into a flatbed. He had plans to sell it and buy concert tickets in August and September, a mosh pit was the next best thing to a real fight—sometimes even better because you had to get pretty damned crazy to get in trouble in one. He was happier working on a project than watching television or going out, even if sometimes it got a little lonely, but eventually he had to stop and eat.

He pulled the metal door closed and walked around to the front entrance to go up to his little apartment on the second floor of the main building. Mick’s navy blue VW hadn’t moved, it still sat beside the light-duty truck that had been a mover’s van and was to be Scotty’s next project. It was disappointing if the VW broke down; he hoped Mick would be a true gearhead, and they could hang out and talk about cars and who knows, maybe have even more fun than that. Scotty went over and found Mick asleep in his car; he had the passenger seat leaned all the way back and curled up on his side, his mouth open just enough to give Scotty thoughts he really didn’t need if he was going to keep things from getting complicated at the yard. He didn’t mind complicated so much, but Walt had a different opinion.

Thanks for reading!

I’ve been working on Colin & Al’s story off and on for a long time, and tonight I finally hit Send! Any positive energy you’d like to share will be most appreciated. I’m a little freaked, but it feels like a good career move to try out a new publisher with this one. It seems smarter not to have all my eggs in one basket, even if that basket is shiny and wonderful. 😀

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 Enjoy the rest of your weekend, lovelies!

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Another taste of glittery, magical honey…


Hola snippetteers!

My gambler witch is back. It’s been a while, and I’m pretty sure I’ve only posted one snippet from this story—which you can find here if you’re so inclined (Note: it comes with a hot pic of a bear, and I’m not talkin’ grizzly ;)).

The set-up: Jeffrey (the “I”) ran afoul of the owner of an illegal card club (Sal). Mike (the “he”) was sent to bring Jeffrey in to face the music. Just before this, Mike secured Jeffrey’s arms behind his back with a zip tie, and Jeffrey turned on the charm and asked for his name.

“Gotta bring you back.” He rubbed the length of his hard body against mine. His heart was about to thump out of his chest and mine would’ve been happy to meet it halfway. “Just business.”

If I didn’t know better I would’ve sworn he was under some kind of spell. Not even Sal had that cruel a sense of humor.

He whispered the name Mike in my ear, and then his mouth covered mine. Everything about the guy was big, from the mouth devouring mine to the cock pressing against my stomach.

Thanks for reading!

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A little sugar

gingerbread-cookie-in-the-shape-of-a-heart-with-yin-yang-symbol-913-824Hola, snippet lovers!

This is the last weekend before the release of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds! It’s happening on Monday, which is coming up very fast. I’m so excited I don’t know whether to Snoopy-dance or toss my cookies.

Now that I’ve given you that lovely visual here are links to snippets that probably won’t make your stomach churn (caution: the snippets may, in fact, make your stomach clench and churn and feel all manner of things, because that’s what good writing does):  Seductive Studs & Sirens, Weekend Writing Warriors, and Snippet Sunday!

Speaking of cookies… this snippet is after Phil and Lee’s post-show coffee. Phil conveniently walked to the venue, and Lee, gentleman that he is, drove him home.


Lee pulled into the driveway behind Jerry’s car as far as he could—blocking the sidewalk but not sticking out into the street too much. The wipers sounded like a heartbeat as they worked to clear the light but steady rain from the windshield. Lee turned to Phil and was in the middle of a sentence when Phil leaned over the console and kissed him. Just a short kiss, warm and chocolatey. It wasn’t more than a few seconds before Phil pulled back, but when he did, Lee moaned and leaned forward to keep their lips together a second or two longer.

Maybe it’s not a good-bye kiss after all.

Phil trembled as he fumbled behind him for the door latch. He felt shaken under Lee’s stare, which he was pretty sure was worthy of the label lusty, but Lee leaned back against his seat right away, so maybe that wasn’t right.

Thanks for reading!


As if to celebrate the release of Strange Birds, Dreamspinner is having a sale. Everything is 25% off through August 12th—so if you want to wait and see release day reviews before committing your hard-earned book-money, you can still get it at a discount. Or, click on the banner to pre-order a copy and I’ll make a donation to The Trevor Project. 🙂

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Smile when you say that…

Gold gay sex symbol linked with rainbow heart.

August 11th is almost here! Two snippets until The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds is released, and here’s one of them.


I don’t want to leave you guys in suspense—Phil goes to see Lee’s band play and afterward they go for coffee. They’re walking to stash Lee’s bass in his car; the first line is Lee’s.


“So, what’d you think of the music?”

Phil shivered with the effort to keep from laughing out loud. “It was horrible.”

Lee made a loud questioning sound and turned to walk sideways beside Phil. “You’d better be smiling when you say that.”

“Oh, I w-was.”

“It was pretty horrible, wasn’t it?” Lee sounded so proud.


Thanks for reading!

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NestingHabitsofStrangeBirds[The]_headerbanner$1 for every pre-order of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds will go to The Trevor Project, in support of their work protecting LGBTQ youth in crisis.

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An inviting little snippet…

Gold gay sex symbol linked with rainbow heart.Happy Caturday!

I hope you had a fabulous week. I love summertime in the Pacific Northwest—we had a little rain, a little sunshine, and it hasn’t been over 80 degrees once. 🙂 It won’t last, but that’s okay too.

Last week’s snippet was pretty intense, so I thought I’d lighten things up a little this week. A few hours after Phil cut his hang-out time with Lee short, he goes out into the backyard and sees a sheet of paper flapping in the breeze. Technically, this is only 8 sentences because there’s no period after Lee signed his name…


Hey Phil,

Thanks for letting me see your pictures. You’re an amazing photographer.

My band’s playing Sunday night. It’s not as amazing as pictures of a hummingbird using spiderwebs to build a nest, but I hope you’ll come to Backspace around 8 anyway. I’ll leave your name at the door so you won’t have a cover.

See you!

Lee Redding

Phil tried to remember if Lee said what kind of band he played in, but he’d been too distracted by the way his T-shirt stretched across his shoulders and the skin peeking through holes in the knees of his jeans.


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NestingHabitsofStrangeBirds[The]_headerbanner$1 for every pre-order of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds will go to The Trevor Project, in support of their work protecting LGBTQ youth in crisis.

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Feel the heat…

Cover The Nesting Habits of Strange BirdsWelcome to the weekend, snippetteers!

This is my first weekend after starting my new day job (which is not at all evil!), and it’s the first weekend my debut novel is available for pre-order! Some of you may remember Phil and Lee—The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds is their story. Until its release on August 11 I’ll be sharing snippets from SB.

This is from the first chapter, the second time the guys meet. It’s a little over the sentence limit, but I promise to return to my conforming ways next week.


Two sentences. Phil couldn’t remember when he’d last gotten two sentences out just the way he’d intended. He smiled and raised his eyes to Lee’s. They seemed to mirror what he was feeling. Relief; happiness; desire. The next thing he knew, Lee’s lips brushed his lightly. Phil trembled but didn’t pull away.  Pride in his perfect speech along with the giddy feeling inspired by Lee’s smile allowed Phil to give in to desire, just for a moment, to take a chance it would end well. Lee leaned toward him, but not so their shoulders touched, and kissed him just a few seconds longer. He kept his mouth almost completely closed, but Phil tasted a hint of hot chocolate. Or maybe the heat came from Lee.

 Thanks for reading!

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If you’d like to read more about The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds, click here. I’ll donate $1 to The Trevor Project for every pre-order, to support their crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth!

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Not quite a cliffhanger…

Hello and welcome to the weekend!7f2a6-long_seductivesns_rednblack

This week I’m sharing the last snippet from my holiday story. Next week is the cover reveal for my upcoming novel so I’ll switch to that story. 🙂

This snippet is after JB’s encounter with Mr. Welcome-to-Canada, a.k.a. Cal. It skips ahead a little in the same evening.


When I made it back to the hostel, the homeless man wasn’t leaned up against the tree anymore. I’d stopped along the way and picked up a foot-long sandwich and a twenty-ounce bottle of water for him. The weather had taken a turn, though, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise; of course he’d get out of the mist if he could. The ground floor of the hostel housed a restaurant and bar, and there he was, leaning against the building under the awning.

I couldn’t tell if he was sleeping or awake, so I approached slowly and quietly. When I stopped in front of him he turned his face up. Slowly, his expression became that of a man who’s just seen a ghost, and then he smiled.

“JB, I knew you’d come.”

 Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to check out the other snippets. If LGBT fiction is your thing, visit Seductive Studs & Sirens, for a grab-bag of great fiction visit Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday.

If you’re into BDSM, a few folks I know are having a sex-positive blog hop. You can find the list of participating blogs here.

Come back next week for a special announcement about my forthcoming novel, The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds. 🙂

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