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What state is your mind in?

Today i have a little show-and-tell with Thianna D. for you. She’s author of many flavors of erotica, and the wonderfully twisted mind behind Seductive Studs & Sirens—the weekly blog hop for LGBT fiction.

She’s brought a scene written just for us—hot and sexy and definitely NSFW! Thanks for all you do, Thianna!

Kink is a state of mind

In working up this post on kink, I was caught in a continual spectrum of images going through my head. I could do it on this…

or this…

or even this…

or even some of the more edgy ones… But no – I decided to do it on what – to me – is the absolutely best kink of all.

What is it?

A mindfuck.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, a mindfuck is the process of using the body’s most complex sexual organ for maximum pleasure. For those of you who wonder what that is – I am talking about the brain.

I ‘could’ have just described in basic terms what that means, but I’ve always been a fan of show and tell…so I wrote a scene to describe it instead, using the club I created for the novel Bane of My Existence. Just for you 😉 (This story is unedited, so any mistakes are mine!)

* * * *

The hour went quickly as he retrieved everything and everyone he would need to truly teach about a subject he loved more than anything. Nothing was better than a mindfuck in his opinion. A submissive’s reactions dealt so much with what was going on in their heads anyway that if one worked it right, they could make a sub cum just with one look or even a gesture. What he would teach tonight would have long reaching effects if he did it right. And if there was one thing Xavier prided himself on, it was training. He would do it right.

The mutual dislike between him and the sub he would be using was intense and he planned to use that enmity to his advantage. Bryan hated him, but at the same time he also accepted Xavier as a Master at Liasons, which meant the sub should also trust him to a certain extent. Those two things would make for interesting sport.

At midnight precisely, Xavier walked back to the bar, chuckling at the crowd that was assembled. Raising his voice, Xavier began to teach the second he entered the area. “To do a decent mindfuck, one must have adequate knowledge of one’s subject.” He didn’t even glance at Bryan who was standing off to the side as he said. “Come.” The annoyed sub took three steps forward and stood at his side, his expression trying to be carefully blank, but missing that by yards. His face gave away a mixture of fear and fury. Good. “For instance. I know that Bryan is a beastly little brat who is more likely to rip apart a dom than submit to him or her.”

As Bryan sent him a glare the current bartender, Devon, raised an eyebrow, but otherwise did not react.

“But as we do not know one another enough, I have decided to make this a lesson about knife play.”

Bryan gasped and a look of fear crossed his features before it was gone. “He will have to submit and follow my word implicitly or the chance for him to get hurt would be astronomical.” Turning toward the brat, he raised an eyebrow. “Are you ready, sub?”

Bryan’s eyes glanced over to Bane, who did not react and then to Kayle, who curtly nodded. With a small sigh of resignation, he nodded.

“Was that a sigh, pet?” Xavier snapped.

At first Bryan’s eyes went wide as he knew he shouldn’t have sighed, but then his dislike for Xavier seemed to take over. “Yes, Master Xavier. It was a sigh, sir!” A few members of the audience chuckled when he saluted him.

Without saying a word, Xavier grabbed him by the waist and lifted him onto the bar. “You will be punished for that later,” he said looking directly into Bryan’s eyes. Once again, a tiny little spark of annoyance showed before he buried it. “I am using the bar so that more can observe the knife play. Lay down.” He turned away as he spoke and continued to teach as he gathered his knife pack from his play bag. “If you are going to get involved in knife play, there are several rules you should be aware of. First. Do not do this without learning from someone who knows what they are doing. And no, this lesson does not count. If you choose to do this, get a mentor who knows knife play and learn from them. Second. Always use the sharpest of knives that can be sterilized. The knives I use are made from surgical stainless steel.”

He opened up his case above Bryan’s chest and showed everyone, including the nervous sub, the eight blades inside. “There are a few dangers inherent to knife play. These knives are in fact, brand new, but one of the dangers of knife play is the spread of disease. That is one of the reasons knife play is considered edge play. When I play, I clean the knives off with alcohol immediately and put them in a safe container, but once I get home, I have a machine that will sterilize them to hospital grade. At that point, I don’t touch the knives, but use another sterilized instrument to remove them and put them back in here.

“Another danger,” he continued as he placed the knife pack by Bryan’s head, “is through the loss of blood. You can, even accidentally, cut someone too deeply or accidentally cut a vein or artery. Not to mention when you insert one of these into a sub’s ass, if you cut him and if he is not expecting it, he is gonna be pissed.”

Several doms chuckled.

“Arms up,” he commanded and after taking a deep breath to steady himself, Bryan raised his hands above his head. Xavier hooked his wrist restraints to chains attached to the bar. “Legs too.” Bryan lifted his legs in the air as if in pure defiance and Xavier barely contained his own sigh. Damn if the boy wasn’t a brat. Grabbing two larger restraints, he hooked them around Bryan’s upper thighs. “Legs up, feet down.” Slowly Bryan lowered his feet and Xavier hooked ankle restraints to thigh restraints and then reached for one of the chains that were attached to the floor, hooking his left leg to it. Moving round to the inside of the bar, he did the same with Brian’s right leg so his legs were restrained tight and out to each side, leaving his cock and ass completely displayed.

“On a less knowledgeable sub, I would do this on a table so I could completely immobilize his body, but as Bryan has been a sub for years, I am sure he can remain completely still.” Bryan sent him another glare, which made him pause. “You will be punished for that later, as well,” he said sharply, picking up the packet of knives and purposefully placing it between Bryan’s legs where he could not see it. Instantly, the sub lifted his head, trying to keep an eye on it, but Xavier pushed it back down to the bar.

Almost as if he could not stop himself, Bryan’s head lifted again. Amused despite himself, Xavier glanced over at Devon who was watching the play with interest. “Care to help?”

With a grin, Devon said, “Drinks can wait until after the demo.” Without another word, he walked over to them and placed his hand on Bryan’s head, pushing it down to the bar. As he kept it there, Bryan could not do a thing.

“Good, now that we have the brat somewhat restrained,” Xavier said dryly, inwardly smirking when a hiss came from the man’s lips, “we can get started. Knife play can be done anywhere. The face, neck, shoulders… essentially anywhere on the body which makes it a very useful tool. As this is Bryan’s first time with the sting of a knife, I will use the four-inch blade. Don’t forget – get a mentor who has been doing this for a while, someone who really knows what they are doing. Just as you should never swing a flogger unless you have been taught correctly, you should never engage in knife play without being suitably prepared.”

He held up the four-inch blade so that everyone could see it – especially Bryan. The sub’s breathing picked up and Xavier paused. “Where are you at?” he inquired quickly. If the sub was already at red, he would stop right away, the demo be damned.

Bryan took a couple deep breaths and stared at him with an expression that clearly said ‘you can’t best me.’ “Green, Sir!”

“Good,” he said, placing the blade an inch above Bryan’s right nipple and lightly trailing it along. “It’s best not to start on the sub’s most sensitive area. Instead, just like with any play, you want to build up their knowledge of it.” As he continued to teach, he trailed the knife over and around each areola, even sliding the edge over his nipples. Bryan’s breathing increased, but to Xavier’s amusement, each breath had changed to that of excitement rather than fear. “As you can tell, the endorphins are now rising in his body and any pain he feels will also bring pleasure as long as you do it right.” Trailing the blade down the man’s stomach, he slowly drew it over Bryan’s hips and lower, dipping it between his open thighs  before trailing the dull side along his cock.

Whimpers burst from Bryan’s throat as he began to pant with the exertion of holding back an orgasm. Placing the knife down, Xavier instantly picked up a piece of pre-lubricated metal the same circumference as the knife and pushed it slowly into Bryan’s ass even as he tapped at the tip of Bryan’s cock with the edge of the knife. A yell erupted form the man’s lips as his body spasmed and shook. Slowly, Xavier placed the knife back down and waited for Bryan to calm before pulling the piece of metal out of his ass and holding it up, showing it was, in fact, not a knife at all. Devon released his head and as Bryan began to tremble with the after effects, still managing to shoot a half-assed glare in his direction, Xavier wrapped things up. The little brat had reached subspace which surprised him. He thought Bryan would be too terrified to do so. “Now,” he said in amusement, “we can return to the original subject of tonight’s lesson. For it wasn’t really about knife play, though that was included. This was entirely about a mindfuck. Bryan thought I inserted a knife into his ass and as it is one of his biggest fears, I played off that. A mindfuck,” he explained as he placed the items he used into a plastic container with some rubbing alcohol, “can be an incredibly enjoyable experience. If you have any questions, please come seem me later, or even tomorrow. For now, I have a sub to take care of.” Without another word, he and Devon released the man from his restraints and he lifted him from the bar, carrying him over to a quiet corner to take care of him.

* * * *

Thianna D is an author of both het and gay erotica and erotic romance, most with BDSM or spanking themes. The sequel to her best-selling gay spanking romance As Natural As Breathing, titled Took My Breath Away, will be released on December 18th from LazyDay Publishing.

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