Trans Awareness Week: Day Two

180px-transgender_pride_flagSo, apparently, I’m going to post a lot this week after all.

Yesterday I recommended two books and today I’m going to recommend a blog post. Some of you might have seen it, but even though it’s long, it’s well worth reading again. This post gave me words to express the way I feel when I read a lot of fiction including trans characters–not only YA. Before I read this I knew some books made me supremely uncomfortable but couldn’t quite articulate why (especially since some were popular af and are still recommended regularly). I won’t name any of those, just link you to the good stuff.

The “Acceptance” Narrative in Trans YA

Take care of each other out there!

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Happy Trans Awareness Week!

180px-transgender_pride_flagToday my daughter went to class, and her school’s way to mark Trans Awareness Week was to fill the cafeteria with “Say Their Name” posters. This is a junior college, and the best they could do was to say, “Yeah, a bunch of trans people died.”

That ticked me off.

But, I’ve spent too much time angry over the past week or so. To counter that feeling I’m going to rec books where NOBODY DIES!

Coffee Boy by Austin Chant

A Boy Called Cin by Cecil Wilde

genderqueer_flag-prideBoth of these books are important to me in different and very personal ways. I know I had at least one more, but have been fighting a cold for a few days so I can’t remember it right now. If I think of it, I’ll share tomorrow.


Take care of each other out there!

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Transgender Day of Remembrance & Release Day

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. A day set aside to remember all the folks we’ve lost, and hopefully raise enough awareness to keep the ones we still have near and dear for a good long while. This is also the release day for my novella Curious Sustenance, and that’s very fitting.

Curious Sustenance is a male-male Romance with a fun little dash of kink, but it’s also the story of Ross Jenson and the way he wants to change the world. Ross is a corporate sensitivity trainer with an agenda: he wants the world to be fair, and he’s not afraid to dig in and do the work to make that happen. He adds LGBT acceptance and trans* healthcare information to his presentations meant to decrease the incidence of sexual harassment in the workplace. For starters.

Since this is a Romance, Ross’s dedication to making the world a little more fair for his trans* brothers and sisters is rewarded. Indirectly, serendipitously, but as a vocal trans* ally and parent, it was satisfying to write. I love Ross, his sweetness and his willingness to use his position to be a voice for those who don’t always have one. I hope you’ll love him too.

If you’d like to participate in a TDoR event, you can find a list on the official site here. Even if you don’t live near an event you can mark the day by visiting the Transgender Day of Remembrance group on Facebook. Share a little if you can and join in our chorus of love, and hope for a future that’s fair for everyone.

Thanks, Elizabeth, for releasing my book on TDoR.