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Here’s another snippet from The Color Story (which is still without a title, mainly because I’ve been too busy and too unhealthy to work on it this week—bad me!).

This is part of the original flash that inspired my 200 page novel. It was for a contest and the challenge was to tell a story with only dialogue. The judges weren’t wowed by my entry, but after almost a year and a half I almost have a novel.

Colin and Al are speaking for the first time, over the body of another guy who lived in their building. The first line is Colin’s.

“Crap, his tattoo just moved.”

“The raven?”

“No, the flower.”

“The violet moved?”

“It slapped the cymbal, I heard it.”

“Anything else?”

“Like what?”

“Some of these tats have mouths, it’d help if one of them named the killer.”

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The color of happiness…

Hiya! I’m glad you survived Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to celebrate Half Price Chocolate Day today!

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This is another snippet from the paranormal—which I found out this week should be called a Contemporary Paranormal. Those are different from Urban Fantasy because in CP the paranormal element isn’t common knowledge.

The Color Story is told in three parts; so far all the excerpts have been from Part One, which is solely from Colin’s POV. This is from Part Two, and that’s all Alonzo’s. (In case you’re wondering, in Part Three they have to take turns.) Let me know what you think (taking into account the creative punctuation to keep it to 8 sentences and the fact it’s unedited, like last week’s).

Setup: Colin just finished his last Final Exam and Alonzo surprised him with a road trip. They’re in the car, each turning the radio to the station the other likes best. The first line is Alonzo’s.

“How long does it take to get there?”

Colin twisted to face him and Alonzo watched as he took a moment to picture him naked. “You drive like an old lady, so at least two hours.”

“How long did it take you?”

Colin squeezed his thigh and laughed. “About two hours.” He punched the radio button closest to Alonzo and the car filled up with Rick Derringer screaming about getting head.

“Lordy mama—seriously?”

“It was a simpler time.”

Colin threw his head back and laughed, long and loud, “Can’t argue that.”

Yeah, no big plot points there, sorry. But it’s still a work in progress. I’m giving myself to the end of March to whip it into shape. 😀

Thanks for reading!

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And now for something a little less normal…

Welcome to this week’s snippet! It’s snowing outside but nice and cozy in here—where we get together to share 8 sentences of fiction.

This week I’ve started edits on the paranormal. It’s UF with mystery and romantic elements. I think. Since I haven’t chosen a title yet it’s going by The Color Story. This week’s snippet is sort of an introduction to the two MCs:  Colin is 18 and just saw his first dead body a little while before this, and Al is a P.I. but his age is a mild spoiler so he doesn’t have to share it yet. 😀

Colin & Al live in the same building, but hadn’t spoken before that morning, over the body. Since this is Colin’s story, we’re in his POV.

Al pulled the door open and held it so Colin could leave. Colin stopped on the sidewalk and watched as Al went to the bus stop on the corner; it was on the way to the corner where he caught the bus to campus, so he stopped there too.

“You’re taking the bus into Old Town?”

“That’s right.”

“I thought you’d have a motorcycle.”

Al shrugged. “I could say something profound about not judging a book by its cover, but I’ll spare you.”

“You mean something cliché.”

Al laughed and the bus pulled up to the curb.

 Thanks for reading!

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Saturday Seductive Studs. It’s my first time, so be gentle.

saturday-seductive-studsIt’s time to share my first post in the Saturday Seductive Studs weekly bloghop and I’m a little wiggly over it all.  Thanks to Ciaran Dwynvil, the end of SixSentenceSunday doesn’t mean the end of sharing snippets!  The best part about this group is the focus on M/M.  All flavors of Romance & ERom have their place, but sometimes it’s just nice to hang with folks who’re all into the same thing.

So here goes, my first #SeductiveStuds!

I looked for a new sexy bit from Comfort and Joy but am up against the wall regarding the limit on % of material I can post, so that idea fizzled.  I’m too superstitious to post from stories out on submission, so while pondering which WIP to scour for this week’s post I got a sign.  I only believe in signs if I like them, and this one I’m liking quite a bit at the moment.  So, here’s another snippet from my M/M Erotic Paranormal Romance with mystery elements.

We’re in Colin’s head and he’s just getting to know the mysterious and slightly scary P.I. he met over a dead body.  (Don’t judge Colin too harshly for his somewhat un-manly behavior.  It’s early in the story but the poor guy’s only 18 and has gone through a lot already, most of it without blinking.)

He’d never felt so ashamed in his life as when he found himself in the alley the tattooed girl had tried to pull him into, clutching Al with both hands to try and stay upright, and sobbing like a little baby.

After a few minutes he realized they were just standing in the alley, Al’s embrace holding him up.  When he moved some of his weight onto his own feet Al’s arms tightened around him.  Colin tried to concentrate on his breathing so he could calm down, but that wasn’t so easy in the position he was in.  Al always wore baggy t-shirts and his leather jacket was too small, both of which made him look a little overweight.  He didn’t have a drip of fat on him.  Colin’s face rested against a chest more like iron than dough. 

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Six Sentence Sunday, The Random Edition

It’s that time again, when we get to flit from blog to blog and site to site, reading snippets of fiction from wonderful writers.

This week I decided to post a random six from my WIP.  I tried more than once to get a steamy random bit but it just didn’t work out that way so I’m going with this one — the first one I landed on.  Maybe Colin and Alonzo are shy.  😉

“But for once let’s just do something the easy way?  The way where you don’t end up in the hospital or puking your guts out?  I promise I’ll still think of you as a badass and we can tell everyone it was your idea.”

“Sure, that’s just great.”  Alonzo smirked and grabbed Colin in a rough hug, lifting his feet a few inches off the floor.  “It’s my idea to use my sweet little boyfriend as bait.”

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Six Sentence Sunday, the “Read Without Your Glasses” Edition

6SentenceSundayHappy Sunday everyone!  It’s that time again when amazing and awesome authors from all over the interwebs post six sentences of fiction.  I think of it like browsing a candy store with a blindfold on.

It’s not easy coming up with multiple excerpts for a short work of fiction without either giving too much away or going over the word count allowed by the publisher.  So instead of another bit from Sam and Charlie I’ll post a six from the WIP I’m most excited about today.  It doesn’t really have a name but I’ve been calling it Murder Is Purple and it’s M/M Erotic Paranormal with romantic and mystery elements.  I just crossed the threshold of 50K words and hope to fill in the gaps before Monday morning when the new term starts.  It’s not contracted and I have no idea who would publish it, but I’m having a blast with these guys.

In this excerpt, Al (a P.I.) has just been caught posing as a homeless man to watch a building during a murder investigation.  Colin (a college student) had planned on waltzing in and looking around on his own even though Al told him not to, but thought the homeless man in the doorway needed help.

All at once Al was on his feet, pulling Colin up and then pushing him into the doorway.  He appeared to be trying to block the entire opening with his body, but he wasn’t anywhere near wide enough.  Colin tried to see what was going on out on the street and just when he heard voices coming closer Al groaned, pinned him against the wall, and then caught his lips roughly in a kiss.  In moments Al’s body had molded over his own and Colin moaned—he responded so fast the rushing of all that blood away from his brain at once made him dizzy. 

Colin was dimly aware of footsteps and voices on the sidewalk beyond, but most of his thoughts were centered on the lips and the hard body on his.  After the first rough moments Alonzo’s mouth had softened and gently explored Colin’s, pulling back to feather fast little kisses against his lips and then diving back in to claim his mouth.    

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