Free Book Rec: Scrum by P.D. Singer!

If you’ve been following my budget book recs you know I hadn’t read Sports Romances before. Well, I enjoyed Synchronicity by Keira Andrews so much I went looking for another!

“Scrum” by P.D. Singer is the story of a runner who meets a rugby player…eventually. 😉 I really enjoyed the crash course in rubgy, and the action scenes (both on the field and off!) pulled me in.

“Not rugby league, none of that hoity-toity, stay-halfway-clean play, but scrums, mauls, and rucks!”

We only get to know three characters in this story—it is a shortie at 37 pages—but none of their interaction reads as rushed, flat, or stereotypical. I’m not familiar with rugby players, though, so my thoughts on Yves are based on the overall skill in the writing. By the end of Chapter One I had complete trust the story would take me somewhere I wanted to go. “Scrum” is another little gem that I missed when it first came out (2014), when I was just getting started in the M/M Romance genre, so I can only imagine how amazing Singer’s latest books are. I think she even has another Sports Romance…

Sebastian spoke with fond memory in his voice. “Nothing like responding to a war chant with big swinging dicks.”

I miss watching American football, a lot, (but refuse to support their racism, even if they’ll never know the difference) and have just made a plan to spend this fall and winter searching for a few more short Sports Romances. Heck, I might even go crazy and read an entire Sports Romance novel!

I’d love some recs—any sport, any length of work, as long as it’s free or $0.99. But mainly free because I don’t make enough to support my fiction habit and I’m sure I’m not alone on that score. So drop those recs in the comments here or on Facebook, or Tweet me a rec—they’re all good! TIA, folx!

Find P.D. Singer’s Amazon Author page here.

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One look at the Canadian rugby star now playing on his local team turns Robin Isley into a super-fan. He’ll attend practices, cheer every game, and bleed with every tackle, but he won’t come close enough to get an autograph or say a few words.

Yves Dubois’ team runs faster, passes better, and scrums harder when Robin watches: they’ve been winning steadily. Yves has a blinding smile for Robin after practices, but never stops to talk.

Robin needs to know if Yves’ grin is only joy in the game. Finding out will be Robin’s birthday milestone, but first he needs to give himself the gift of courage.

This short story also appears in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” anthology volume 10.


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Free Book Rec: Synchronicity by Keira Andrews

Cover ArtI haven’t read many sports Romances and after reading Keira Andrews’s Synchronicity, set at the Olympic games in Canada, I’m not sure why that is! Romances with more going on than the romance itself are my favorites and Synchronicity has an exciting plot to go along with the love story. For only 46 pages both plots—the Olympic competition and the M/M Romance—are nicely fleshed out and don’t feel rushed at all. By the end, I felt like I knew both men and could guess what would happen later in their lives and relationship.

The story begins with both main characters performing a dive and that pace propels the reader along from one chapter to the next. More than once I consciously tried to slow down and savor the story, but found myself getting caught up and reading fast again anyway.

“When it was time, Aiden gave the command to walk and they turned to hang their heels  over the edge of the platform.”

This story is structured perfectly for maintaining the tension in both the personal and the public portions of the plot. Each chapter begins with one dive the pair make in the competition and also includes a scene off the Olympic stage, on their way to becoming a couple. Some of the personal scenes are funny and some are sweet and they all give insight into who each of the men are, and what they truly want.

“God how he wanted to wrap his arms around him and feel his powerful body from head to toe, press their lips together and…”

If you like the Olympics, stories with a lot of sexual tension but low angst, hot swimmers, and stories set in Canada, you might enjoy this sweet (and hot) short.

Keira Andrews also has historical and paranormal free reads in her catalog and I’m sure I’ll be checking those out too! You can find her Amazon Author Page here.


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Cover ArtSynchronicity by Keira Andrews

Perfect unison in the pool. Scorching desire in the locker room.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime for young Tyler Bourne to compete in Olympic synchronized diving with veteran Aiden Oxford. The last thing Tyler expects is to fall head over heels for his gorgeous partner, and he struggles to keep his attraction under control.

Polite but undeniably distant, Aiden keeps him at arm’s length, and Tyler feels like a disappointment to Aiden, who’d been favored to win gold with his disgraced former partner. Tyler knows his feelings are hopelessly one-sided and that the podium is likely out of reach. Yet as the Games begin, he learns nothing is certain until the final dive…

This gay sports romance from Keira Andrews features Jane Austen levels of pining, an age difference, hot guys in Speedos, shower sex, and of course a happy ending.

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