Final Six Sentence Sunday or And now for something completely different!

6SentenceSundayWell, not completely different, but it’s a side of Comfort and Joy I haven’t posted about before.

This bit is from a scene that takes place shortly after Sam and Charlie arrive at Sam’s family home.  They’re upstairs in the room Sam’s sister Frannie is sharing with her infant son, Marc.  Sam has just changed Marc’s diaper and the baby is standing on his lap and doing that cute jumpy-bouncy thing babies do.

“He’s so beautiful.” Charlie reached out his hand and Marc stopped bouncing to grab for it.

“He’ll be a heartbreaker for sure.”

Frannie, one of eleven, rolled her eyes but was smiling as she walked up onto her bed, sat down cross-legged, and leaned her back against the wall. “He really doesn’t look all that much like you did as a baby.”

“Photographic evidence proves otherwise.” Sam kissed Marc’s neck and the baby giggled, his bones seeming to turn into limp strings in a heartbeat.

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Six more sentences from Comfort and Joy!

6SentenceSundayIt’s been a few weeks so it’s time Sam and Charlie made another appearance on 6SS.


We’re in Charlie’s head here, the morning after the boys arrive at Sam’s family home.  Sam’s oldest sister, Frannie, surprises them in the bathroom and snaps a picture while they’re shaving.  She directs another pose or two, and the line below is hers.

“Do I have to do all the work here? You know the shot I want.”

Sam put his razor down and took Charlie in his arms. Normally Charlie loved it when he did that: whisked him into his arms, bent him backward at just the right angle and planted a Hollywood ending kiss on his lips. So why did he feel like pushing away and running into a dark room for a good cry? Sam had made it to the “going in for the kiss” part when he stopped and let Charlie up, giving him a quick peck on the lips instead.

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Six Sentence Sunday, The Random Edition

It’s that time again, when we get to flit from blog to blog and site to site, reading snippets of fiction from wonderful writers.

This week I decided to post a random six from my WIP.  I tried more than once to get a steamy random bit but it just didn’t work out that way so I’m going with this one — the first one I landed on.  Maybe Colin and Alonzo are shy.  😉

“But for once let’s just do something the easy way?  The way where you don’t end up in the hospital or puking your guts out?  I promise I’ll still think of you as a badass and we can tell everyone it was your idea.”

“Sure, that’s just great.”  Alonzo smirked and grabbed Colin in a rough hug, lifting his feet a few inches off the floor.  “It’s my idea to use my sweet little boyfriend as bait.”

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Six Sentence Sunday, the “Read Without Your Glasses” Edition

6SentenceSundayHappy Sunday everyone!  It’s that time again when amazing and awesome authors from all over the interwebs post six sentences of fiction.  I think of it like browsing a candy store with a blindfold on.

It’s not easy coming up with multiple excerpts for a short work of fiction without either giving too much away or going over the word count allowed by the publisher.  So instead of another bit from Sam and Charlie I’ll post a six from the WIP I’m most excited about today.  It doesn’t really have a name but I’ve been calling it Murder Is Purple and it’s M/M Erotic Paranormal with romantic and mystery elements.  I just crossed the threshold of 50K words and hope to fill in the gaps before Monday morning when the new term starts.  It’s not contracted and I have no idea who would publish it, but I’m having a blast with these guys.

In this excerpt, Al (a P.I.) has just been caught posing as a homeless man to watch a building during a murder investigation.  Colin (a college student) had planned on waltzing in and looking around on his own even though Al told him not to, but thought the homeless man in the doorway needed help.

All at once Al was on his feet, pulling Colin up and then pushing him into the doorway.  He appeared to be trying to block the entire opening with his body, but he wasn’t anywhere near wide enough.  Colin tried to see what was going on out on the street and just when he heard voices coming closer Al groaned, pinned him against the wall, and then caught his lips roughly in a kiss.  In moments Al’s body had molded over his own and Colin moaned—he responded so fast the rushing of all that blood away from his brain at once made him dizzy. 

Colin was dimly aware of footsteps and voices on the sidewalk beyond, but most of his thoughts were centered on the lips and the hard body on his.  After the first rough moments Alonzo’s mouth had softened and gently explored Colin’s, pulling back to feather fast little kisses against his lips and then diving back in to claim his mouth.    

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Comfort and Joy on Six Sentence Sunday!


It’s the last Sunday of 2012!  Since I can’t decide which snippet to post I’m going with the steamy one.  If you’re not of legal age in your country, please click the banner now and return to the list.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into Sam and Charlie’s bedroom.

Sam took Charlie’s cock in his hand and gently licked around the tip. Charlie’s breath caught and held, and as Sam slowly took him deeper he heard one of his favorite sounds—the oh that said Charlie was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

After a few slow deep strokes, he pulled Charlie’s right leg up and over his shoulder. Sam had done it so many times over the past year to keep his foot elevated that he didn’t even realize he was doing it. He did think about how tense Charlie had been all day, so he worked even more slowly and tenderly than usual, running the tip of his tongue around the pink head, kissing a slow line down and back up the shaft as he gently massaged Charlie’s balls. He loved sucking Charlie’s cock so much that even though it was cold in the room, Sam soon felt heat radiating between their bodies.

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Happy New Year!

Sea Change on 6 Sentence Sunday!


It’s that time again, for a bunch of amazing writers to share six sentences from a WIP, new release, or whatever they like!  It’s the ultimate tease, which probably explains why I can’t stay away.

This six is from the same scene as last week’s.  Neil and Ty are playing pool and flirting – even if Neil isn’t quite sure that’s what he’s actually doing.

They each had two balls left on the table and Ty asked if Neil wanted to make it more interesting.

Neil laughed.  “Not sure I can handle more interesting.  But what do you have in mind?”

“Loser buys dinner.” 

Ty bent over to line up his shot and his tank top draped over the table, giving Neil a prime view of  tanned chest and a tease of muscular stomach. 

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Happy Holidays!

Sea Change on Six Sentence Sunday!

6SentenceSundayNow for something completely different!

Sam and Charlie have been enjoying the spotlight, but this week I’ve decided to post a snippet from a different story, Sea Change.  It hasn’t been contracted, but my fingers are crossed.

In this scene the adorable Ty steps up his seduction of my lonely hero by not letting him leave a diner once lunch is over.  It’s an un-edited snippet, so squint a little when you read it.  😉

“You’d be doing me a favor.  Once I leave here I have no plans.  Idle hands and all that.”  Ty grinned and sauntered over to the rack on the wall.  

If that perfect round bottom had been created by burgers and fries maybe he should reconsider his own eating habits.  Neil literally shook his head to remind himself where he was and that he really shouldn’t stare at this kid he’d just met, especially not his ass, and then forced himself across the little room to choose a cue. 

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Comfort and Joy on Six Sentence Sunday


This is my first 6Sentence Sunday!  I’m happy to be participating alongside all the great authors I’ve been enjoying every week, and sharing the very first excerpt of my M/M Erotic Holiday Romance novella soon to be released by Etopia Press, Comfort and Joy.

Sam stopped just inside the bedroom door and closed it quietly.  He toweled his hair and let his gaze linger on Charlie, lying still on top of the quilt, bare feet on the floor, partially covered with a green towel.  A slice of moonlight filtered through the curtain on the opposite wall and across Charlie’s body, which was a work of art even when not bathed in romantic mood-lighting.  After a few moments Sam realized Charlie was also watching him. 

Charlie flipped the towel up and away from his body and Sam felt as though someone had just grabbed him by the throat.  After barely a heartbeat’s hesitation he strode to the foot of the bed and leaned over Charlie to kiss him. 

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