Your $0.02 is requested…and there’s pretty!

male symbol in flamesHappy Monday, all!

Yesterday I almost made it to 75K total words for the year! My latest (that I hope will be a novel when it grows up) is coming along nicely at about 24K, and I’m debating whether to write the Christmas story banging around in my noggin even though it doesn’t fit DsP’s Advent theme…

In the meantime, here’s a little pretty for your Monday afternoon.

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What do you think?

Should I write the Christmas story anyway and try to find another home for it? Is anyone interested in another odd little story that takes place over Christmas but isn’t traditionally Christmasy?

Your $0.02 is requested. 🙂

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Penny for your…ooh, shiny!

Okay here’s a little pretty to brighten up our Friday!

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He’s not free, though. I’m trying to write a short to go up on my Free Reads page, but can’t decide what to do. I’ve narrowed it down to a Contemporary. Yeah, not so narrow! So I’m opening comments here to any and all ideas—give me your tropes and the odd jobs you see around you (my guys are almost all blue collar, at best), links to pictures that do it for you, anything! No guarantees, but some of my favorite stories started from prompts.

On Monday I’ll put the numbers into and someone gets a swag pack (if you’re in the US; INT and it’s your choice of a backlist title).

Inspire me! *lol*

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