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Yesterday I stumbled on a flash fiction challenge on FB, and it was really fun (thanks Siobhan! :)). I ended up writing 200 words that took place 20 years before my holiday story (which I won’t be able to call a WIP for much longer).

Since my release date for A Sunday Kind of Love has been pushed out to July, I’m going to give Jake & Co. a break from the spotlight and shove Ian on stage for this week’s Seductive Studs & Sirens. The poor guy’s only getting about 7K words, regardless of how many stories he tries to tell me, so he deserves a little more love.

“Ian, get in here!”

I leaned my shoulder against the wall beside the kitchen door and peeked in. Wasn’t about to pull off my boots unless it was lunchtime.

“What’s up?”

“That boy down the street—what’s his name, Mike? He’s on the phone for you.”

My gut clenched and the rag that had been spreading the grease over my hands dropped onto my boot.

“I’m busy.”

Granddad squinted at me and I showed him my hands. He pointed a finger at me so I’d stay where I was, and told Mickey he should stop by later.

“What’s that about? You mix it up with him too?”

I rolled my eyes, because that’s what the guys at school did whenever someone asked if they’d been fighting.

“No. The carburetor’s in pieces. It’s not—”

“Wake up and smell the ninety-weight, son. That bike’s a basket case. Only thing worth saving is the frame, and I’m not a hundred percent on that.”

After a short stare-down he waved me back outside. I sat down hard on the driveway on the far side of the bike. Mickey’d better not be stupid enough to come by while Granddad was still awake.

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This is a little more than 8 sentences, but as usual I’m sharing for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday too.

Next week I plan to return to following the rules. 🙂

A Saturday Kind of Love

Welcome to my crazy world! Sorry I’m late posting for Seductive Studs & Sirens. (If you’re here for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia or the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop you know what to do. :))

So here it is, my snippet (picking up where last week’s left off) and my cover!


Jake shook his head slowly and started walking toward the hall without thinking about it.

“Refresh my memory.” Mason took Jake’s hand and pulled him down the short hallway to the Men’s Room. Just inside the door he turned and pressed Jake against the wall, trapping him there with his body. His mouth began to work on Jake’s neck as his hands kneaded the muscles in his arms and shoulders. “You can grab my hair while you’re fucking my face.”

Jake slipped his hands up under the soft and filmy fabric of Mason’s shirt and gasped as he found a rock-hard six-pack. Mason looked up and when Jake told him with a quick gesture there’d be no kissing, Mason’s lips returned to Jake’s neck without missing a beat.

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I am a warrior!

I’ve been meaning to sign up with the Weekend Writing Warriors because they have a linky list—because, let’s face it, peer pressure works—but keep forgetting until I see everyone’s posts.  This week I’ve planned ahead!  (Okay, I wanted to ditch my Rules of Evidence assignment twenty minutes ago.  That counts!)

The Weekend Writing Warriors are a lively group, posting 8 sentence excerpts and then running around and reading and generally having a blast with all the fiction.  So, here’s my contribution.

My excerpt is from A Sunday Kind of Love, my upcoming release from Amber Quill Press.  This is Jake’s story (his POV) and he’s just left the spa with his (grown) son, who he’s hardly seen in the preceding fifteen years.

He pretended not to see Antonio’s look that said it’d been a long time since he’d indulged in a lot of things the salon had to offer.

After a fun couple of hours Jake and Jacob headed for the car. Jacob stopped just outside the door to admire himself in the window’s mirror-like surface.

“You should go on back and talk to that guy whose chair you were in. He was checking you out, Dad.”

Jake watched as the boy turned his head to see his new look from every possible angle.

“Looks good.” Jake resisted the urge to run his palm over the boy’s head, like he had when DJ was two they’d had to give him a buzz cut after he’d gotten into some paint.


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Saturday Seductive Studs, the Curious edition.

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I’m back!  Life is still a little nuts, but not overwhelming (finally!) and I’m happy to be participating in Saturday Seductive Studs again!  This is a fun Caturday interlude where writers of gay fiction post snippets from their work for everyone to enjoy.  Don’t forget to click the banner to see who’s participating this week, or find our links on Twitter at #SeductiveStuds.


Today’s excerpt is from a virgin WIP with the working title of Curious Sustenance.  It should be ready to show to my editor by the time we’re finished working on the manuscript formerly known as Sea Change.  CS is about a regular guy, Ross, who’s in need of a little mood-adjustment so his best friend Janet takes him to the place she goes to . . . let’s just say to unwind.

My standard disclaimer applies:  this is unedited and unpolished (that’s what I’ll be doing Sunday if I finish all my homework :)).

“Come with me,” Janet patted Ross’ thigh and smiled.  “We’re going to Amethyst’s private room.  Again, you don’t have to do anything unless you want to.”

Ross let her pull him halfway across the floor, and stopped her at the door.  “Are you going to do anything?”

“Probably not, but I love to watch Ami’s scenes.  She’s very imaginative.”  Janet winked and went through the door and Ross felt he had no choice but to follow. 

The room looked like anyone’s living room.  Anyone like Elvira or maybe Bela Lugosi.  The couches and chairs were all covered in dark velvet that may’ve been purple and the muted lighting made the candlesticks grouped in the corners gleam like old silver.  Janet’s friend turned a dimmer switch and some of the candles brightened.  She was speaking, but Ross couldn’t hear.  His mind stopped processing everything except the man striding in his direction.  He had to be six-three, and when he got closer Ross thought he probably had a Japanese grandfather.  He was gorgeous, with his long black hair, simple black suit and smoky gaze.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you all get the chance to get to know Ross & Co.  This story’s been a blast to write, but I’ll be happy to send it out to seek its fortune.

Have a wonderful weekend!


A Sunday Kind of Seductive Stud

It’s that time again, when writers who love sexy men shove a few out onstage for everyone to ogle.  When you get to the end of my contribution be sure and hop back to Facebook to see who else is posting this week, I’ve included links to two groups for your reading pleasure.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything from this story before, and it’s out on submission so maybe this will be good luck.  It’s a short I wrote for a call but it didn’t make the cut there.  The same thing happened to Comfort and Joy so I’m optimistic.

This is from the opening of A Sunday Kind of Love, nothing racy here just an aging jazz musician in desperate need of a spa day.  I love Jake, and hope he’ll get his time on a more public stage.  *fingers crossed*

Jake shuffled to the door, bleary-eyed and a little worse for the previous night’s wear.  Halfway across his sparsely-furnished portion of a converted warehouse (which he liked to call a loft even though it wasn’t exactly so) he stopped to check whether he was fit to answer the door.  Robe closed:  right; hair finger-combed into some semblance of order:  right.  Barefoot, but even though the hair on his toes was (back again—bollocks!) white enough to tell his age he still had good-looking feet.  He sighed and pulled the door open and came face-to with the reason for the previous night’s bender.

“What’re you doing standing in my doorway?”

The boy flipped his long dark hair out of his eyes and gave Jake a shaky smile.  He looked everywhere but in Jake’s eyes until he managed to spit out the words, “Hey, Dad.”

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A celebratory Saturday Seduction!

Cannon Beach 9_12_06

Earlier this week I signed my second contract for an M/M Erotic Romance and I’m ecstatic it’s with Dreamspinner Press!  I found some of my earliest M/M Romances there and am tickled they want to add me to their impressive list of authors.

The working title is Sea Change, and it was drafted about a half-mile from where this picture was taken.  This picture is a few years older than the story, but my view was pretty much the same!  I’ve already posted two snippets on Six Sentence Sunday and was about to repeat one of them when I realized my superstition about posting non-contracted work seems to be baseless.  Maybe I’m a little like Neil and posted them behind my own back because it’s actually lucky?

If you think you’ve read this before it’s not because your ESP is working overtime, the beginning is familiar (and I’d still advise squinting a bit as you read because it’s unedited) but this time it doesn’t stop with a tease of muscular stomach . . .

[After lunch in a little tourist-trap diner/tavern on the Oregon coast.]

They each had two balls left on the table and Ty asked if Neil wanted to make it more interesting.

Neil laughed.  “Not sure I can handle more interesting.  But what do you have in mind?”

“Loser buys dinner.” 

Ty bent over to line up his shot and his tank top draped over the table, giving Neil a prime view of  tanned chest and a tease of muscular stomach. Ty missed an easy bank shot.

“Or I can get it after I win.”  Neil sunk the two-ball in the side, and then bumped a stripe in for Ty along with the six.  As he lined up the eight-ball Neil realized what he’d done.  He’d just asked this young guy out to dinner.  He’d never asked anyone out before, not once, and this seemed as though he’d done it behind his own back.  His hands shook enough to ensure the cue ball followed the eight straight into the pocket.

Ty laughed.  His laugh made Neil grin even through the burning blush he was sure encompassed his entire face, neck and most of his chest.

“I warned you I wasn’t very good.”

Ty shook his head.  “You weren’t kidding.”  He replaced his cue in the rack and maybe he was a little pale when he turned back around.  “You don’t have to

“You’re suggesting I welch?”

Ty’s grin returned that fast, forcing Neil to wonder again about his age.  When he grinned like that he looked almost as old as Neil himself, who wasn’t quite ready to admit he was pushing forty.  But when he’d turned away from the cue rack he’d seemed barely old enough to be in the bar.  Ty’s grin stretched and Neil realized he’d been staring.

“Where would you like to eat?”

“You’re buying, so you decide.”

“My hotel has a restaurant next door.  I don’t know if it’s any good . . .”

Okay that was mean, I admit it, but you’ll have to wait and see what happens next.   In the meantime, click on the banner and head on over to Facebook to see who’s posting this week!


Saturday Seductive Studs. It’s my first time, so be gentle.

saturday-seductive-studsIt’s time to share my first post in the Saturday Seductive Studs weekly bloghop and I’m a little wiggly over it all.  Thanks to Ciaran Dwynvil, the end of SixSentenceSunday doesn’t mean the end of sharing snippets!  The best part about this group is the focus on M/M.  All flavors of Romance & ERom have their place, but sometimes it’s just nice to hang with folks who’re all into the same thing.

So here goes, my first #SeductiveStuds!

I looked for a new sexy bit from Comfort and Joy but am up against the wall regarding the limit on % of material I can post, so that idea fizzled.  I’m too superstitious to post from stories out on submission, so while pondering which WIP to scour for this week’s post I got a sign.  I only believe in signs if I like them, and this one I’m liking quite a bit at the moment.  So, here’s another snippet from my M/M Erotic Paranormal Romance with mystery elements.

We’re in Colin’s head and he’s just getting to know the mysterious and slightly scary P.I. he met over a dead body.  (Don’t judge Colin too harshly for his somewhat un-manly behavior.  It’s early in the story but the poor guy’s only 18 and has gone through a lot already, most of it without blinking.)

He’d never felt so ashamed in his life as when he found himself in the alley the tattooed girl had tried to pull him into, clutching Al with both hands to try and stay upright, and sobbing like a little baby.

After a few minutes he realized they were just standing in the alley, Al’s embrace holding him up.  When he moved some of his weight onto his own feet Al’s arms tightened around him.  Colin tried to concentrate on his breathing so he could calm down, but that wasn’t so easy in the position he was in.  Al always wore baggy t-shirts and his leather jacket was too small, both of which made him look a little overweight.  He didn’t have a drip of fat on him.  Colin’s face rested against a chest more like iron than dough. 

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