Flash Sale! Speedbump is out of KU & going wide!

Speedbump also got a glowing review today, so I thought I’d celebrate by uploading it to every bookstore and library service I could find!

While those sites are processing the ebook, it’s available on PayHip. Get 25% off for a share on Twitter or Facebook!


So here’s part of what’s got me so excited, from the QRI review:

“When all’s said and done, I can’t wait for the next wonderful character Charli Coty introduces me to. In the meantime, I’ll reread Speedbump.” ~Queeromance Ink


Read the whole review here.

Here’s a short blurb, because it’s Friday night & nobody has time for a long blurb. 😉

Ezra Cook is sole caregiver to older brother Tray, who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s in his forties. They live outside the small town of Drop, Oregon on property Tray bought with his Microsoft settlement money. For years, Ezra has been going on and off low doses of testosterone, maintaining a comfortable level of androgyny. Juggling caregiving duties and the work needed to survive means ignoring their own needs, especially companionship and sleep. Ezra’s chance meeting with Red, a washed-up musician, begins an uncomfortable friendship, and both fear it escalating into a hookup, or worse, a romance.

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Flash Sale! Re-released witches for Friday the 13th!

It’s Friday the 13th & I’m in a mood to celebrate! So I’m reducing the price of my witches on PayHip only for today! If you’re in the mood for witches, action, mayhem, and romance, you might like this story!

Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite!


Usually I stayed clear of Sal’s club, but slim pickings in the smaller establishments of late had left me dangerously close to dipping into my emergency stash. And, to be a little too honest, close to broke and closer to stupid. Hindsight. If I’d listened to my gut, I wouldn’t have had to try sneaking out the back of my own crappy apartment, hoping to beat a mountain on legs to the back fence. It had to be Sal’s muscle picking the lock on the front door, because I couldn’t change the configuration of the lock to keep him out no matter how many times I tried to magick the damned door.

Everyone has to make a living somehow. It’s not like Sal couldn’t afford a few hundred, but no, nobody got to use magick inside his club except him.

The guy stopped trying to get in, for the moment, so I guessed I was going on the lam in jeans and old Doc Martens. Great. Never thought I’d be running for my life in the clothes I wear to take out the trash. With a few minutes to change and secure my usual glamour, I could hit a poker game in Southwest after ditching the goon, but maybe an indulgence was in order. If Sal had sent someone after me, a short trip up to Seattle might be a good idea, maybe even BC. That called for some new clothes, so I grabbed my battered gym bag—my quick escape kit—and was almost home free when the kitchen door burst open. It would’ve been dumb to turn off the light when the goomba first went to work on the lock—I can’t see any better in the dark than your average Daisy, not when I’m blocked. Once that massive body filled the doorway, I wished I had. Wished I’d done something.

He hesitated, barely a moment, and I bolted for the front door. He grabbed me before I made it out of the kitchen and pinned both of my arms to my sides. It wouldn’t work, I knew that, but I still tried to burn his hands. All I needed was enough time to—fuck, is he laughing?

“Give it up, pretty boy. You’re blocked.”

The big man pushed me against the wall face-first and pulled both hands behind my back.

“Hey, wait a sec, big guy. Let’s talk about this. I can—”

He pushed me flat against the wall, and the rest of that sentence disappeared in the rush of air he squeezed from my lungs. I couldn’t help being turned on, even though pain and domination usually aren’t my thing. Neither are bears, but underneath the padding he felt nice and solid, leaning full against me. He tightened a plastic zip tie around my wrists with shaking hands. And then he held me there.


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End of Summer Sale!

Buchanan House Series graphicBeach season is almost over here in the Pacific Northwest & that’s a great reason to have a sale. I don’t really need a reason, but that’s a good one!

I’m also celebrating getting my Buchanan House series back out into the world. For a few years I’ve been a hybrid author but now I’m 100% Indie. While that’s been challenging, it’s also been kind of fun.

But back to the sale! The Buchanan House series will be on a Kindle Countdown Sale through September 2nd. Prices will be the best for the first two days–Aug. 27-28. If you’re looking for a nice long read over the lovely long weekend, this might be the one for you!

Visit the Buchanan House Series Page on Amazon!

One thing, though. Because of a glitch (haha, read: user error) Art House won’t join in the sale until  Thursday, Aug. 29. I’ve learned a lot over the past two months, mainly that it’s all up to me now. So I want to thank all of the readers who have tried one of my books–I appreciate you all!

If you’d like to see just how much I appreciate my readers, subscribe to my newsletter and get a free ebook! Just click this link.

One more thing–I’ve just re-released my noir with witches, The Pinch of the Game, only on PayHip, for those of you who would like an epub version, or if you’d just rather not buy from Amazon. Pinch will be available on PayHip through September 29th, at a savings from first edition prices. On October 1 this book will go into Kindle Unlimited, in time for Halloween. I can’t believe I’m already talking about Halloween!

Learn more about The Pinch of the Game here.


Thanks for reading & have a great day!

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