Happy New Year!

It’s almost over now!

2013 was a roller coaster of a year at Casa Des, and 2014 promises to deliver more of the same. Usually I get my year end inspiration in the Fall—have ever since I was a little kid. This year was different, and I didn’t really think about next year at all beyond signing up for classes and submitting a couple of manuscripts.

Instead of listing what I hope to accomplish in 2014, I think a day to bask in 2013’s milestones is in order.

In 2013 four of my stories were published!

June: Directing Traffic

July:  A Sunday Kind of Love

November:  Curious Sustenance

December:  “Toy Run”

In December I submitted two full length novels for consideration—a Contemporary Erotic Romance to Dreamspinner, and a Speculative YA to Harmony Ink Press!

Since this week I’m pretending I’m a full time writer, that’s the extent of my list. Although, I could just as easily include the strides this old hermit has taken in learning social media—and actually being social! 😀

Oh, and I’m trying to talk myself into going to a Portland Reader/Writer event on Jan 11th, so any encouragement on that front will be appreciated. It’s scary, since connecting Erotic Romance with my face and/or real name could make it impossible for me to make a living—but it sounds like so much fun to hang out and talk about books… Jury’s still out.

Happy New Year everyone!