My Second Genre Dilemma

It’s been over a year now since my first MM Erotic Romance was published.

That looks so cool it gets its own paragraph.  🙂

During my holiday break I gave serious thought to what I wanted to write in 2014, and thought my “second genre” would be YA. I love YA—especially paranormal and sci fi and just about anything that’s really out there. Some of my favorite authors write YA—many write it exclusively (as far as I know)—and sometimes I just get a cool YA story. Well, I think they’re cool; so far I’m not of the majority opinion, which is fine.

Today I learned I won’t be a Harmony Ink author—at least not with the manuscript I sent them a few weeks ago. And instead of pulling on my shoes and heading for the Ben & Jerry’s aisle at Safeway, I started thinking about what I want 2014 to look like writing-wise. (Probably didn’t hurt that I finished drafting Joe & Kai’s story right before I saw that rejection email.)

Do I want to work on that novel and try to sub it elsewhere? What about the short I’ve been working on for the H.I. antho? Do I want to work on one of the many other YA story nuggets I have stewing in my brain & languishing on my hard drive in the hopes H.I. will like one of those?

I think maybe I don’t.

I’m enjoying writing ERom, and just might write one with different pairings, but I don’t think I want to worry about maintaining another online presence. I know many authors write YA and ERom under the same name, but I didn’t feel comfortable doing that. I dig hanging out with all the cool kids online but it’s not the easiest thing for me to do as one person, let alone two.

Luckily, I don’t have to commit to anything right now. I have a story to polish before February 1st, and the paranormal is one pivotal scene away from being fully drafted (finally!!). After those are finished, who knows? In keeping with my 2014 resolution to Have More Fun—that’s my criteria for stories as well. Whatever will be the most fun (and yes, I consider writing angst fun—you’ve been warned!), that’s what I’ll be writing.

Since I am so close to finishing all my current WIPS, though, I thought I’d open the floor to ideas. What would you like to read late this year or early next?

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