Happy Pride Month!

It’s been almost a year now since i started blogging, and the whole time i’ve wanted to update the banner. I finally got around to asking Kiddo to make me one, and I think she did a beautiful job!

Even non-conformists can play well with others (when they choose to) — so, as promised, i’m following the rules with this weekend’s snippet for Seductive Studs & Sirens, Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday. Here are 8 sentences from my upcoming Dreamspinner Press release, Directing Traffic. Since it’s the beginning of June and the beginning of Pride Month, these are the first 8 sentences.

FIVE days before the second anniversary of the worst day of his life, Neil suspended mail delivery to the condo and left without telling anyone where he was going. He parked the silver Mercedes Roadster in the same space where it sat the last time. Check-in wouldn’t be for another few hours, so Neil left his sandals in the car and walked down to the beach. He had to walk a long way; the water was invisible and almost inaudible from the parking lot. Mid-September on the Oregon coast meant the weather should’ve been clear and a little cool. Instead, visibility of barely a quarter-mile made it seem as though he had the whole beach to himself. The whole world, even. The thought made him shiver, and he zipped up his thin red jacket.

Thanks for reading!

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Artistry and general cheerleading courtesy of my progeny: Carin McLeoud, @Carin_McLeoud
photo credit: Mike V via photopin cc