A Tuesday Twist!

male symbol in flamesFirst, you would not believe the pictures that come up on a search for “nude man”…and I’m not even talking about some of my other searches that yielded WTF moments. I’m constantly having to remind myself who the pictures are for–and it’s only partially me. 😀 So today you get a say. Would you like more pictures like #1 (which reminds me of a Tool video & is delightfully odd) or like #2–hot, but doesn’t turn my crank all that far.

Let me know why you chose the one you chose, or leave search terms in the comments–if I use your search term I’ll give you full credit (can’t guarantee you’ll want to brag about it, though!).

For your voting pleasure, I give you #1:

Embed from Getty Images

And #2:

Happy Tuesday!