Happy Friday the13th!

male symbol in flamesI’d feel lucky if i were about to do this…

Have a great day!

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Trippin’ on a high thread-count haven…

male symbol in flamesGetting up at 4 a.m. to make it to work by 6 is not fun. I’d much rather stay in bed late and cuddle… maybe until 5:30? 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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Trippin’ on Thursday

male symbol in flamesLately, my Tuesdays have been filled with cool books and new covers and that kind of pretty. I don’t think anyone will mind if i trip on a pretty picture on a Thursday instead.

Doesn’t this one look inviting?

Happy Thursday!

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Strength to make it through the rest of the week…

male symbol in flamesAs I’m posting this, i’m getting ready to hit Send on my production forms for The Pinch of the Game. Which sounds completely irrelevant, except that this guy looks big and strong, just like Michael. Michael is also bald, but that’s beside the point.


 Happy Thursday!

photo credit: Giuseppe De Francesco | www.JosePhoto.it | via photopin cc

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Last Tuesday…

male symbol in flamesHappy Tuesday!

I hope today is a good one for everyone. Only a few more days left in 2014! Not sure why that sounds exciting, but the whys surrounding this pic are easier.

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Can you stand the heat?

male symbol in flamesHappy Monday!

Have you started your holiday cooking yet? 😀

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Monday, Monday…


photo credit: Psicoloco via photopin cc

After a long weekend, we all need something pretty to look at to get through Monday. 🙂

Before you leave, check out my holiday giveaway. You can find the post here.

Have a lovely day!


Lazy Monday…

male symbol in flamesNo such luck for me, but this guy… I’m going to picture him lazing around alllllllllll day. 😀

photo credit: ορφέο via photopin cc

Have a lovely day!

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Happy Monday!

male symbol in flamesHappy Monday?

Sure, why not! It’s always a good day for a little fun by the pool. If you’re trapped in a cube farm like me, take a minute to close your eyes and imagine this is what you’ll see when you open them. Think of it as a micro-vacation. 🙂

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Happy Friday!

male symbol in flamesHappy Friday!

It’s been a long week, but now it’s over. I hope you have a extraordinary weekend! I wish I was looking forward to doing this… and what I imagine happens next. 😉

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