Not the Doctor is in… Or is that out?

Cover NottheDoctorOfficially, the release date was yesterday–June 1–but I was busy chatting on the DsP blog and working on edits for the novel scheduled for August, so I forgot to make an announcement. I guess that proves authors aren’t as caught-up with promotion as it looks sometimes.  🙂

I’m proud of this little story, it’s sweet and sexy and hopeful…and since I wrote it you know it’s a little weird too. I hope you like it, but even if you don’t I hope you’ll drop me a line or post a review somewhere so I’ll know what you thought of it.

If you’d like to read an excerpt or grab a copy, click on the book cover. Here’s the blurb, and a little eye candy to wrap up Monday!

A moment of distraction on a lonely highway leaves middle-aged widower Joe Prescott with a broken arm and in need of surgery. He’s no stranger to long hours spent alone in his apartment, but until his arm heals, independence will be a luxury. Joe is used to helping others and doesn’t realize the strength it takes to accept a helping hand, especially from the neighbor he’s had a crush on since he moved in.

Kai Hosino, “retired” chef, lives with his elderly Aunt Tilly so they can help each other navigate life with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Kai is drawn to the silver fox next door, but his painful history of falling for straight men makes him hesitant to take a chance.

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8 sentences of the “hurt”

900x1350_150DPI_Mended-FSWelcome to this weekend’s snippetry!

I had an amazing time last weekend at the author workshop, but it’s nice to get back to my routine too. This week’s snippet is from “Not the Doctor,” my hurt/comfort short for DsP’s Mended Anthology. I don’t think I’ve posted this one before–with a little creative license, it’s the opening 8.

A funeral dirge played in my head as I slung my small gym bag into the hall and followed it out the door. The day had come; I had no choice but to leave my apartment, walk out to the parking lot, and let George drive me to the hospital. I locked the door and steeled myself against the fear. Older brothers can smell fear, and reaching the age of fifty-five hadn’t tempered his propensity to go for the jugular. And it was only outpatient surgery. I’d be home within ten hours.

The next door opened as soon as I started down the hall. Kai peeked out and smiled; he didn’t come out into the hall, but his smile lit it up anyway.

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8 more from Not the Doctor

900x1350_150DPI_Mended-FSHello and Happy Caturday!

If you haven’t entered the Spring Fling Blog Hop it’s not too late! Click here for my post and a link to the whole list.

I’m so in love with the cover for the Mended anthology I needed another excuse to stare at it—so this week’s snippet is from Not the Doctor.

This story has a nice slow burn, but no Angel Food Cake. Sorry about that. 😉 If you’d like to read more from this story, click here.

“Looks good.” Kai’s voice was a breathless whisper and drew me forward. I heard him just fine but couldn’t stop myself from leaning closer.

Kai leaned forward—whether in response to me or just to look at my arm, it didn’t matter. He smelled spicy and warm. My head filled with that scent. It didn’t make any sense, but the feeling that came with it sure felt wonderful, like the one you get lying out in the sun on a perfect day, only from the inside.

I had one good arm, and before I thought about it the hand at the end of that arm found the warm skin of Kai’s neck.

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Gay Romance University 103, and a pre-order announcement!

900x1350_150DPI_Mended-FSThe Mended anthology is up for pre-order!

This is a Daily Dose, so you’ll get a story delivered automatically to your bookshelf each day in June, including “Not the Doctor” by yours truly! And it’s on sale too. 🙂

Pre-orders in April are just $39.99, so don’t wait. In May it goes up to $49.99
Beginning June 1, stories will be available individually as priced or as a bulk package for $64.99.

Click the book cover to read blurbs from all 30 stories!

CuriousSustenance_headerbannerAs if that wasn’t enough for one Thursday, the lovely Lou Sylvre is discussing Curious Sustenance as part of her Gay Romance University series! Check it out here:

And the Spring Fling Blog Hop is still going strong. Click here for your chance at all the prizes! 🙂

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Preview of Coming Attractions!

900x1350_150DPI_Mended-FSIsn’t this gorgeous!?

This is the cover Catt Ford created for the 2014 Dreamspinner Daily Dose package, Mended! It’s so amazingly beautiful I couldn’t wait to share it.

I’m so excited to see the version I’ll get to use for Joe & Kai’s story, Not the Doctor! Stay tuned for pre-order and release information. In the meantime, if you’d like a taste of my sexy little hurt/comfort story, click here for a few snippets.

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I could kiss you right now.

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Hello Snippetteers!

This week I’m sharing the last bit from Joe & Kai’s story, Not the Doctor. If it’s accepted for the anthology I’ll post a few more this summer—if not…well, I’ll just be optimistic for now.

As promised, this is Kai’s reaction to Joe’s line: “I could kiss you right now.” That snippet is here. (I’ve indulged in a bit of creative punctuation so the usual warning to squint is in order.)

“Oh?” He laughed—soft and breathless—it sounded nothing like his usual infectious, exuberant laugh. He looked a little tense as he asked if I was hungry. We ate cold pizza in silence for a few minutes. When he asked if there was anything I needed his voice had almost returned to normal. “We haven’t done this before.”

“Hmm?” My mouth was full of pizza and I hadn’t slipped out of position or jostled my bad arm—life was good.

“Shared a meal, just the two of us.”

 Thanks for reading!

I’ll see you next week with a little from the paranormal, which now has my complete and undivided attention. (Hear that, Colin & Al? Let me get some sleep next week or I’ll make you share writing time with Jeff & Michael!)

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It’s a story!

photo credit: Eva Blue via photopin cc

Not the Doctor, Joe and Kai’s friends-to-lovers story, is submitted!

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me and helped make it better. Huge hugs to the brave souls who read it 8 sentences at a time and were kind enough to comment. I never thought I could write a story in 30 days or less–especially with characters I’d just met–but it happened! And it’s even subbed before the deadline. Maybe Joe and Kai will even let me sleep tonight. 🙂

This weekend, to celebrate, I’ll post Kai’s reaction to Joe’s declaration from two weeks ago. (It’s here, but I’ll be sure & link to it on the snippet post too.)


8 from Kai

photo credit: Tyler Durdan_ via photopin cc

Sorry for the delay—I do have a snippet for you this week. This is also from Joe & Kai’s story, but from Kai’s POV. The world has spoken, and it said it wants to know what’s going on in the minds of both players in a Romance. I aim to please, so I’m giving it a shot. Kai’s giving me a hard time—I suspect he thinks nobody cares what’s going on in his head. Only one cure for that, so I’m shoving him into the spotlight for 8 sentences.

This is from the beginning of the story, right after Joe returns home from surgery. Kai’s in his apartment next door. (I’d advise you squint a little when you read it so the errors won’t hurt so much.)

Those two, the Prescotts, are about as straight as they come. George wore a sport jacket to take Joe to the hospital—even he wouldn’t have gone home during the procedure to change. Probably kept his head bowed over an iSomething the whole time, too. But he noticed me, he always notices me, and not in the same way Joe does. No, George had me pegged from the gate. If I didn’t have thirty years of experience saying I knew better, the zealous way he stepped between us would’ve made me wonder.

But if I’m interested in Joey he has to be straight because that’s my m.o. Show me a hot straight guy—bonus points for each prejudice and phobia he brings to the table—and before you can say Judy Garland I’ve fallen for him.

 Thanks for reading!

What do you think of the title “Not The Doctor”? I like the song, and Kai’s not a doctor but…


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More flirting on painkillers

photo credit: marc falardeau via photopin cc

Happy Caturday everyone!

This week’s snippet is also from my untitled little story that I’ve stalled on yet again—apparently Joe and Kai aren’t as fond of deadlines as I am. Hopefully this will help, because if the problem lies where I’m starting to think it lies, well, I might as well just start singing right now. :/

This bit is just after last week’s; Joe’s all dried and dressed, but gets a surprise when he heads for his bed.


“Sit here, Joey.” He sat me down in my recliner and pushed the lever to raise my feet. “You need more support than that bed has to offer, this should do it.”

He filled in the space on my bad side with pillows, settled my bad arm on another couple of pillows, and then walked away. I was almost too busy reveling in how it felt to be comfortable to appreciate the view. Moments later he returned with my phone, water, and the good drugs, and put them on the table next to my good side. “Better?”

“I could kiss you right now.”

Thanks for reading!


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The “I need a kick in the pants” edition!

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It’s that time again! Time to share eight sentences of fiction!

This is from a new story, I started it on January 1st –which was very late considering I’m hoping to submit it to an anthology call by February 1st. It probably won’t happen, but I’ve been on a roll so far this year so I could get lucky!

Joe’s just had surgery on his arm, and Kai is his cute neighbor who came over to check on him. This picks up right where my excerpt from the “Page 7” FB Meme leaves off. You can find that here. Both are rough, so I apologize if any errors hurt your brain.

He slowly drew the washcloth up over my chest and shoulders. “Joe Friday—just the facts—I know you deal in facts all the time, but there’s more to you than that.”

And that quickly became a problem. That fast, there was more to one part of me than there should’ve been. Kai was kind enough to act like he didn’t notice. We didn’t say a whole lot while he bathed me—just enough so it wasn’t weird. By the time I stood—another intricate production number—I’d managed to get that partially under control. If my half-erection became a topic of conversation I planned to blame it on the drugs and not Kai’s gentle touch or bottomless gaze.

 Thanks for reading!


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