Happy LGBTQ History Month!

It’s that time again!

A whole month to celebrate the contributions of the rainbow brigade!

Beginning today, October 1, a 30-second video featuring a different LGBT Icon each day will appear on right here on this page. If you’d like to know more, or grab the code for your site, visit here.

Last night, when i reminded my progeny to expect daily conversations about historic–and not so historic–queer folks every day this month, she said something interesting.

“Why do we have to be shoved into the scariest month of the year?”

My gut reaction was, cool! But after thinking about it a while–it’s COOL! I love Autumn, it’s my favorite time of year–and i love poking fun at (or ripping away) the masks we’ve worn throughout history to try and blend in with mainstream society. (And i mean the world-wide “we” here.)

When i was growing up i loved Halloween, but it scared me too–not because of the witches and ghosts, but, i realize as an adult, because if everyone was wearing a mask maybe mine would show. I’ve done away with my mask except when absolutely necessary (which, unfortunately, if i want to get a job in my new career field, it is). But even when i have to wear one, masks don’t scare me anymore. My masks are tools, just like a business wardrobe or the air gauge i use to check my tires. I’m pretty sure i wouldn’t have reached this place without the people who will be celebrated this month–and many others, whose names we’ll probably never know.

And hey, LGBTQ History Month could’ve been squeezed into the shortest month of the year along with Black History Month. So there’s that too.

Sometimes, in my circles, every month seems like LGBTQ History Month, but i hope this October to learn a lot of new things about a lot of cool people. I’ll share what I find, and hope you’ll do the same!

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