Release Day: Nesting Habits!

It’s release day! Nesting Habits is now available on Amazon & for the first time you can read free on KU! If you’re in the mood for angst & some heat, you might like this story.


Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite!

Saturday. He should be finishing cleanup on his apartment. It comprised half of the basement, and the water had invaded enough to soak the rugs and just about everything within four inches of the floor. Instead, he was stretched out on his stomach in the damp grass behind his tripod, staring through his Canon EOS 5D Mark III with the EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III telephoto zoom lens. A hummingbird zipped back and forth across the yard on a different trajectory each time, gathering materials for her nest, and Phil shot her construction work. He didn’t have to lie in the grass—the bird probably wouldn’t have cared if he walked around searching for a better angle—but he wanted to see how far away he could get and still freeze her wings. It wouldn’t be easy, but he had the time.

She zipped away and over the fence seconds before he heard someone coming up behind him. Jerry would have called first, but Phil’s pocket hadn’t vibrated. His chest tightened, and he knew he should start employing strategies to avoid a full-on panic attack, but then two things happened at once.

Lee’s voice said, “Hey, Phil,” and a jeans-clad bottom dropped onto the grass beside his head. “What’re you up to? Or maybe I should ask what you’re doing down here.”

He turned his head just enough to see Lee’s knee peeking through a hole in his jeans, and then he dropped his face into the crook of his elbow. After a few slow deep breaths, he lifted his head, and Lee was still there. Phil looked up farther, and there was that smile again, making him sweat.

“Geez, did I mess up your shot? Sorry about that. I don’t see what you’re shooting, though.”

Steady; breathe; rehearse. “It’s o-okay. Sh-she’ll come back. Lee.”

“Who? It’s an animal, right? Not some girl next door, right?” Lee laughed, but it wasn’t the same one he used before. He wasn’t breathing through it.

Phil rose onto his elbows and turned on the view screen. He felt Lee’s eyes on his fingers as he scrolled back to a shot worthy of sharing. Close enough, anyway.


He pointed at the screen, and before he could move out of the way, Lee stretched out beside him and zeroed in on the screen. Phil gasped when Lee leaned so their shoulders and upper arms touched. He was busy processing the sensation of having someone touch him casually—even through the fabric of his shirt, he was reduced to staving off the hyperventilation he feared was inevitable—so he missed what Lee was saying. Lee was close, so close, but his voice was far away.

“Hey, Phil? You okay?”

Lee moved away, just far enough so their bodies weren’t touching anymore.

Phil nodded but couldn’t make himself turn to look at Lee.

“Your pictures, they’re amazing.” Lee said, his voice calm and steady and filled with sincere awe. “What’s this in her beak?”

Lee carefully scrolled forward, and Phil realized Lee had thumbed through all the pictures from that morning and some from last evening as well. He’d been out of it longer than he thought.

“It’s a spiderweb. Hummingbirds use them to build their nests.”

Two sentences. Phil couldn’t remember when he’d last gotten two sentences out just the way he’d intended. He smiled and raised his eyes to Lee’s. They seemed to mirror what he was feeling. Relief; happiness; desire. The next thing he knew, Lee’s lips brushed his lightly. Phil trembled but didn’t pull away. Pride in his perfect speech along with the giddy feeling inspired by Lee’s smile allowed Phil to give in to desire, just for a moment, to take a chance it would end well. Lee leaned toward him, but not so their shoulders touched, and kissed him just a few seconds longer. He kept his mouth almost completely closed, but Phil tasted a hint of hot chocolate. Or maybe the heat came from Lee.

“Whoa,” Lee sighed as much as said.

For a moment they just breathed. Lee sounded like he’d just run up the stairs. He crossed his arms on the grass and rested his cheek on them. His arm strained the sleeve of his T-shirt. That smile was back.


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This book was previously released as The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds; content has not been significantly altered.

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A holiday snippet…

Hello & welcome to my snippet! I’m tempted to share from one of my NaNo WIPs, but they both take place in the summer and it’s the holidays! Since I’m feeling the holiday spirit today, I’ll share a few lines from Holiday Weekend instead.

This is from Ryan’s POV. It’s Christmas Eve and a group from the Elliott Foundation House is spending the holiday at Buchanan House. Ryan and Glenn are there as volunteers. Ryan gave Glenn his Christmas gift a little early. The first dialogue is Glenn’s.


“If I get cold, I’ll just get closer to you. That’ll warm me up.” His smile stretched into a grin, and he held out his left hand. I let him help me up, but not before I took a good long look at the bracelet on his wrist. Perfect.

We went downstairs to find the tree mostly decorated but not finished. Almost everyone had red and swollen eyes, so maybe it didn’t matter that Glenn and I looked emotional.


Thanks for reading!

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Holiday Weekend, Buchanan House: Book Four

This novella can be read as a standalone and contains minimal spoilers for the rest of the series.

Ryan Orchard moved from small-town Idaho to Portland almost two years ago and still feels like a hick. When Paulie Nesbitt dumped him, he wasn’t even surprised. Despite losing twenty-five pounds since then, Ryan’s confidence is nonexistent and his life has stalled. Not only is he convinced the career he wants is beyond his reach, he’s given up on relationships. A new job at a familiar restaurant—and his gorgeous coworker—could be just what Ryan needs to believe in himself again.

Glenn Hernandez might be the only nineteen-year-old in Portland who dreads his days off. Between his horrible housing situation and the ever-present temptation to crawl back into the bottle, Glenn prefers to keep busy. He volunteers at the Elliott Foundation House, a homeless shelter helping LGBTQ sex workers. As an alum of the shelter, Glenn finds it hard to leave his past behind. But when the new server at the trendy restaurant where he works catches Glenn’s eye and works his way into his heart, Glenn finally has a reason to start a new life.

Available only on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!


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A #NaNo snippet…

Hello Snippetteers! It’s been a spectacular fall day in the Pacific Northwest, and is about to become a freezing fall night! I’m writing this from my desk in what some folx might call their dining room & I just made new NaNo words for the 2nd day in a row! I’m on fiah! *lol*

My NaNo project (the first one, I’m doing 2 or maybe 3 small projects this year) is a 5 year anniversary short in the Buchanan House world & so far I’m having a ton of fun with it! It’s almost drafted now & I think it’ll end up being about 11-12K. It’s almost 30 whole pages long so I’ll share a little bit.

This is cryptic (& also first draft material, so squint while you read so you won’t hurt your head :)) but how much can one honestly give away in 6 sentences? Even if they do go a bit over… This is a convo between Derek (he starts) and Tim.


“What did he say? Did he try to talk you out of it?”

“No. He said thank you.”

“That’s all he said? Thank you?” Derek’s eyes narrowed and he studied Tim for a short moment. “Does that sound like him?”


Thanks for reading!

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The Buchanan House Love Stories

Buchanan House, a queer retreat on the Central Oregon coast, welcomes everyone under the rainbow. A diverse group of characters touch each other’s lives—sometimes to stay, sometimes just while they’re needed—enjoying good food, friendship, and the chance for love. In the Buchanan House Love Stories family doesn’t always mean blood and everyone deserves a happily ever after.

Available only on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited!


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A Release Day Snippet…

Hello & welcome to my snippet!

Today is the official release day for The Pinch of the Game–or should I say re-release day! For the first time, it’s available in KU, in plenty of time for Halloween. If you like noir & fiction where the romance is the subplot, you might enjoy this novella.

Now for the snippet. This is almost right after the last one, which you can find here. Jeffrey is waking up the next day, still in the Motel6 & still with Mike, but everything else has changed.

I opened my eyes and they hurt. They didn’t work right either. Everything was blurry, and the colors seemed off somehow. Probably a concussion. Stretched out on my back on the floor was never a good way to wake up. All at once everything snapped into focus—what had happened, and to whom it had happened—and I hyperventilated until I was afraid of passing out again.

“Hey. You awake?”


“No. It’s Santa Claus.”

He answered too fast for me to dwell on the strange voice that came out with my answer. Whoever’s mouth I was speaking out of. If I dared move, I might’ve kissed him.


Thanks for reading!

To find links to more snippets, visit the Rainbow Snippets FB Group. It’s a public group and everyone is welcome to join.


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Cover art with buy linkBeing a witch doesn’t mean one can beat the devil forever.

Jeffrey Overton, unemployed IT professional turned poker player, pushes his luck once too often and runs afoul of the host of an illegal card club. The man sent to escort Jeffrey to a “meeting” about his supernatural winning streak arrives at Jeffrey’s crappy North Portland apartment, lock-picking tools in hand and a charm to block Jeffrey’s magick.

Head muscle for said host, Mike Wells, is a Daisy from Daisyville. He isn’t a witch. What he lacks in magickal talent he makes up for in brawn, so he doesn’t expect the guy he’s after to overpower him. But once Mike renders Jeffrey helpless, he’d rather seduce him than bring him in.

Jeffrey and Michael ditch the “meeting” and end up hunting some of the same people they ran from, trying to get Jeffrey back into his own body. And that’s only part of the adventure. The pair travel halfway across the country on the quietest road trip in history and find missing people, empire-building witches, and maybe even the families they’d both thought lost to them.

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Release Day: The Pinch of the Game!

It’s release day! The Pinch of the Game is now available on Amazon & for the first time you can read free on KU. If you’re in the mood for witches, action, mayhem, and romance, you might like this story.


Here’s an excerpt to whet your appetite!


Cover art with buy link

Usually I stayed clear of Sal’s club, but slim pickings in the smaller establishments of late had left me dangerously close to dipping into my emergency stash. And, to be a little too honest, close to broke and closer to stupid. Hindsight. If I’d listened to my gut, I wouldn’t have had to try sneaking out the back of my own crappy apartment, hoping to beat a mountain on legs to the back fence. It had to be Sal’s muscle picking the lock on the front door, because I couldn’t change the configuration of the lock to keep him out no matter how many times I tried to magick the damned door.

Everyone has to make a living somehow. It’s not like Sal couldn’t afford a few hundred, but no, nobody got to use magick inside his club except him.

The guy stopped trying to get in, for the moment, so I guessed I was going on the lam in jeans and old Doc Martens. Great. Never thought I’d be running for my life in the clothes I wear to take out the trash. With a few minutes to change and secure my usual glamour, I could hit a poker game in Southwest after ditching the goon, but maybe an indulgence was in order. If Sal had sent someone after me, a short trip up to Seattle might be a good idea, maybe even BC. That called for some new clothes, so I grabbed my battered gym bag—my quick escape kit—and was almost home free when the kitchen door burst open. It would’ve been dumb to turn off the light when the goomba first went to work on the lock—I can’t see any better in the dark than your average Daisy, not when I’m blocked. Once that massive body filled the doorway, I wished I had. Wished I’d done something.

He hesitated, barely a moment, and I bolted for the front door. He grabbed me before I made it out of the kitchen and pinned both of my arms to my sides. It wouldn’t work, I knew that, but I still tried to burn his hands. All I needed was enough time to—fuck, is he laughing?

“Give it up, pretty boy. You’re blocked.”

The big man pushed me against the wall face-first and pulled both hands behind my back.

“Hey, wait a sec, big guy. Let’s talk about this. I can—”

He pushed me flat against the wall, and the rest of that sentence disappeared in the rush of air he squeezed from my lungs. I couldn’t help being turned on, even though pain and domination usually aren’t my thing. Neither are bears, but underneath the padding he felt nice and solid, leaning full against me. He tightened a plastic zip tie around my wrists with shaking hands. And then he held me there.


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