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You might be familiar with Prolific Works (PW), or it’s former name, Instafreebie. In case you have never browsed a PW event, I have one to tempt you with! Click the graphic or the link below and grab some free reads by your favorite authors & some new-to-you gems in just about any sub-genre you can think of!

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Two of my shorts are featured–Better Than New, and a sample of the first Buchanan House book. If you’ve never read one or both, now would be a great time to check them out!

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Budget Books: Entering Giveaways Part Two!

Happy Almost Valentine’s Day! ❤

If you’re reading this during Valentine’s week, I have some giveaways & a sale for you!

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Valentine’s Day Sale!

I really ❤ when authors put their books on sale, so I’m having a Valentine’s Day sale! The standalone novella Always Forward! Never Straight will be $0.99 In both the US and UK, starting now! The Kindle Countdown sale runs through 2/17, because I know some folx are busy this week. 🙂



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Budget Books: Entering Giveaways!

One way to feed a reading habit is to enter giveaways. I don’t do that much since I started publishing my own books, but I entered a LOT of giveaways in the early days of ebooks. Those free ebooks–mostly by authors I’d never heard of, let alone read before–fueled my love of reading and helped me feel less alone as a queer person in a straight world.

If you’d like to enter to win free ebooks, there are Facebook groups dedicated to giveaways and freebies in many genres. Facebook’s search bar should turn up a promising group or two.

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A few clicks will get you closer to free books by Karen Stivali, Eliot Grayson, Nic Starr, CJane Elliott, Liv Rancourt, Elizabeth Noble, and me!


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Sideshow by Amy Stilgenbauer!


Abby couldn’t remember falling asleep. She only remembered the dark night and how, outside the window of Della’s trailer, the rolling slopes of Eastern Ohio slowly flattened into the farmland of the western side of the state and faded into darkness. She didn’t say much during the trip, but her mind was spinning, unable to process what she had done.

Once, when she had been a little girl, barely older than Annette was now, her mother had taken her and Natale to visit their aunt in Chicago for a week. It had been a nice visit. They had embarked on the train with a great deal of ceremony, and Za Teresa had spoiled the pair rotten, loading them up with peach-shaped marzipan and pizzelle until they were both sick. She hadn’t left Cleveland for any extended period of time since. Oh, sure, she’d talked and dreamt about it. Nonna often wistfully mentioned taking a trip back to her girlhood home one more time now that the war was over and taking Abby along to look after her, and then, if her opera career took off as she had once hoped, she would be visiting all the great cities. In her scrapbook, clippings of Palais Garnier, La Scala, and The Met were decorated with carefully drawn hearts and hopeful stars and the scrawled word: someday. Still, she had never imagined that when she departed the Coventry neighborhood again, it would be in a burlesque dancer’s trailer.


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Interlude Press


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Rafflecopter Prize: $25 Interlude Press gift card for one winner, an e-copy of ‘Sideshow’ for five winners
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Tour Dates & Stops:

25-Aug: The Novel Approach, Unquietly Me, Velvet Panic, Bayou Book Junkie

26-Aug: Oh My Shelves, Book Lovers 4Ever, Book Reviews and More by Kathy, A.M. Leibowitz

29-Aug: Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, Dawn’s Reading Nook, Love Bytes

30-Aug: Butterfly-O-Meter, Kirsty Loves Books, MM Good Book Reviews

31-Aug: My Fiction Nook, BFD Book Blog

1-Sep: Prism Book Alliance, Open Skye Book Reviews, Happily Ever Chapter

2-Sep: Foxylutely Book Reviews, Bonkers About Books

5-Sep: Divine Magazine, Havan Fellows

6-Sep: Alpha Book Club, Molly Lolly

7-Sep: Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews, Charley Descoteaux


Meet the author:

Amy Stilgenbauer is a writer and aspiring archivist currently based in southeast Michigan. She is the author of the novelette series, Season of the Witch, as well as the Young Adult novel, The Legend of League Park. Her short story, The Fire-Eater’s Daughter, was included in Summer Love, an LGBTQ Young Adult collection published by Duet, an imprint of Interlude Press. When she isn’t writing, Amy enjoys all things bergamot and tries to keep her cats away from her knitting.

Where to find the author:

Webpage: amystilgenbauer.wordpress.com

Tumblr: amystilgenbauer.tumblr.com

Facebook Author Page: www.facebook.com/amystilgenbauerwrites

Twitter: https://twitter.com/amystilgenbauer

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29557163-sideshow

Publisher: Interlude Press

Cover Artist: C.B. Messer

Pages or Words: 61,000 words

Categories: Fiction, Historical, Lesbian Romance, Romance

Release Date: August 25, 2016



Book Blast & #Giveaway : The Balance by Dusk Peterson


He had awoken, on that day after, to find himself lying alone in bed.

It had all been a dreaming, then: the promise of everlasting love, the passion that had followed upon that promise, the warmth of Elsdon’s body – and more importantly, the warmth of his companionship. Layle had expected it to happen one day: his dreamings had become so real that he had begun to believe them.

The bedsprings creaked.

He reacted automatically, which meant he reacted violently. Reaching toward the only loose object at hand – the night-table next to the bed – he grasped it by its leg, wrenched it from the floor, and had begun to swing it toward the intruder before he checked himself in time.

He opened his eyes. Elsdon, fully clothed and hooded but with his face-cloth raised, sat beside him. He looked, Layle realized with amazement, more amused than fearful.

“By all that is sacred,” Elsdon said, speaking the mildest of oaths, “is this how you always greet your love-mates upon awakening?”

Layle slowly lowered the night-table, feeling the blood thunder within his body. “I’ve never had a love-mate before who slept with me.”

“I can see why, if this is how you wake from your sleep.”

Layle slowly raised himself into a sitting position. Elsdon was still smiling, he noted with growing incredulity. The Seeker-in-Training had made a joke about the fact that Layle was a killer born.


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Tour Stops:

Parker Williams, Divine Magazine, A.M. Leibowitz, Wake Up Your Wild Side, Full Moon Dreaming, Bayou Book Junkie, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, My Fiction Nook, Jessie G. Books, MM Good Book Reviews, Happily Ever Chapter, Charley Descoteaux, MM Book Escape, Bonkers About Books, Velvet Panic, The Hat Party, Outrageous Heroes, Open Skye Book Reviews


Meet the author:

Honored in the Rainbow Awards, Dusk Peterson writes historical adventure tales that are speculative fiction: alternate history, historical fantasy, and retrofuture science fiction, including lgbtq novels and young adult fiction. Friendship, family affection, faithful service, and romance often occur in the stories. A resident of Maryland, Mx. Peterson lives with an apprentice and several thousand books.


Where to find the author:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/loveindarksettings

Twitter: http://twitter.com/duskpeterson

Website: http://duskpeterson.com

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2072858.Dusk_Peterson

Tumblr: http://duskpeterson.tumblr.com

Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29909931-the-balance


Publisher:  Love In Dark Settings Press

Cover Artist: Dusk Peterson

Pages or Words: 90,000 words

Categories: Alternate Universe, Gay Fiction, Historical, Adventure, Queergender

Book Name: The Balance

Series: The Eternal Dungeon

Book: Three – Can be read as a standalone

Release Date: April 11, 2016 (reissue)



Book Blast & #Giveaway : Transformation by Dusk Peterson


“Has the High Seeker said anything that it would be useful for me to know, Mr. Taylor?”

After a minute in which the Codifier gave him a pointed look, Elsdon seemed to remember that he had been asked a question, for he said wearily, “No, he . . . he is concerned about the dungeon, of course. That is what he speaks of most of all – his concern that he has once again abandoned his duties. It’s no use trying to make him think about his own health; he won’t center his thoughts on himself. So instead I’ve been trying to make him think about . . . us. Him and me.”

“You’re perfectly right,” said Mr. Bergsen gruffly. “Make him remember his love-bond with you, and that will keep him from losing touch with this world.”

The Codifier picked up a pen, rolled it between his fingers for a moment, and said, with the finality of a magistrate about to pass judgment, “Do you have anything else you wish to add, Mr. Taylor?”

Elsdon looked as though he would have liked to speak, but he said nothing. Weldon felt pity enter himself as he watched the High Seeker’s love-mate. It must be like waiting to see whether your loved one would be hanged. If the Codifier ruled that the High Seeker’s renewed illness and long absence from searching prisoners was grounds to remove him from his work as a Seeker . . . Every man in this room knew that it would be a sentence of death to take that from Layle Smith. Yet, as always, the best interests of the prisoners came first.



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Rafflecopter Prize: An e-copy of “The Breaking” (first story in the series)
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Tour Stops:

Parker Williams, Divine Magazine, Alpha Book Club, Happily Ever Chapter, MM Good Book Reviews, Full Moon Dreaming, BFD Book Blog, Bayou Book Junkie, Velvet Panic, Wake Up Your Wild Side, Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews, Louise Lyons, Charley Descoteaux, Outrageous Heroes, Open Skye Book Reviews, Havan Fellows, Molly Lolly


Meet the author:


Honored in the Rainbow Awards, Dusk Peterson writes historical adventure tales that are speculative fiction: alternate history, historical fantasy, and retrofuture science fiction, including lgbtq novels and young adult fiction. Friendship, family affection, faithful service, and romance often occur in the stories. A resident of Maryland, Mx. Peterson lives with an apprentice and several thousand books.


Where to find the author:

Facebook: http://facebook.com/loveindarksettings

Twitter: http://twitter.com/duskpeterson

Other: http://duskpeterson.com

Other: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/2072858.Dusk_Peterson

Other: http://duskpeterson.tumblr.com


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/29741354-transformation

Publisher: Love In Dark Settings Press

Cover Artist:  Dusk Peterson

Pages or Words: 110,000 words

Categories: Alternate Universe, Gay Fiction, Historical

Book Name: Transformation

Series: The Eternal Dungeon

Book: Two

Can be read as a standalone

Release Date: March 28, 2016 (Reissue of the story)




Book Blast & Giveaway: Something From Nothing by Nicky James!


His dark blond hair falls in waves in front of his eyes, covering them again. I want to see those eyes. Need to see those eyes. He is no longer the scrawny kid who stood before me last spring. He has been working with Corban on strength training, as I suggested a while ago, and is showing much progress. His shirt is pulled tight over his newly developing muscles and my eyes move over his body, taking in his stunning appearance. My breath hitches in my throat as though I have forgotten how to breathe, which is ridiculous since I’ve been doing it all my life without a problem until now.

Ka-Thump, Ka-thump, Ka-thump.

It had started out as a challenge. Did I have the balls to match Brandon’s crazy antics? I thought so, but then, I ran away. Something happened that night to make me run and I have buried it deep, refusing to see it. Refusing to admit it. But it is there, undeniably there, and now as I stand before this man, heart ready to jump out of my chest, I know why. What Brandon suggested is crazy. It’s insane and was completely unexpected, but…It excites me, sends a thrill sparking through my body.

Bloody hell. I’m losing it. This is nuts.

Brandon risked a lot that night. The man all out admitted how he felt about me and I’m standing here, right now, because I need to know, as twisted and confusing as it is, if I feel the same.



Buy the book:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Something-Nothing-Tales-Edovia-Book-ebook/dp/B01BL2XU84/ref=sr_1_1



Rafflecopter Prize: eCopy of ‘Something From Nothing’ by Nicky James
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Tour Stops:

Parker Williams, Divine Magazine, A.M. Leibowitz, Dawn’s Reading Nook, MM Good Book Reviews,Bayou Book Junkie, The Jena Wade, Wicked Faerie’s Tales and Reviews, My Fiction Nook, V’s Reads,BFD Book Blog, Oh My Shelves, Mikky’s World of Books, Full Moon Dreaming, Happily Ever Chapter,Andrew Q. Gordon, The Hat Party, Scattered Thoughts & Rogue Words, Molly Lolly, Velvet Panic,Charley Descoteaux, Outrageous Heroes


Meet the author:

I live in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and I am a mother to a wonderful teenage boy (didn’t think those words could be typed together…surprise) and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn’t think I’m crazy.
I have always had two profound dreams in life. To fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels. Since only one of these was a possibility I decided to make the other come alive on paper.

I write mm romance novels that take place in fantastical medieval type settings and love to use the challenges of the times to give my stories and characters life.


Where to find the author:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicole.ethier.54

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/nickyjames78/?ref=hl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NicoleJames1978

Blog Site: http://nickyjames.weebly.com/about.html


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1407757.Nicky_James

Publisher: Nicky James

Cover Artist: Jay Aheer

Pages or Words: 344 pages

Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Historical, M/M Romance, Romance

Book Name: Something From Nothing

Series: Tales From Edovia

Book: One

Release Date: February 22, 2016


Bonus Scene & #Giveaway : A Tested Love by Kayla Jameth!

Today we’re all in for a treat–Kayla Jameth is sharing a bonus scene from her new book A Tested Love! It’s wonderful, so i’ll let you get to it!

ATL Final Cover

A Tested Love Bonus Scene: Homecoming

Aphrodite rose when Apollo did and followed him out onto the cloud-bathed portico. Eros and Himeros bowed to him and Apollo once again felt the passions they incited in his breast. Did Halys not wait for him in his bed Apollo might be tempted to sample the favors of one or both of the winged youths.

But these days, Apollo found himself more interested in mahogany skin and ebony curls. He smiled at the thought of his wanton lover. Halys could stir his blood in ways the gods of lust couldn’t.

He gently grasped fair Aphrodite’s hands and raised them to his lips. The delicate scent of anemones and hyacinths mixed with the hint of the sea on her skin. “I bid you farewell, Lady of Love. Do as you wish with the kryptes and his helot, as long as you do nothing to interfere with my plans for them.”

“Why, Apollo! Do you imagine I would steal them from you?” Her laughter was light and filled with mischief.

“Andreas is already sworn to me and I do not believe you would tear the lovers apart. We both know what it is like to lose a mortal to whom we have entrusted our heart.”

“True.” She gazed over the sea of moonlit clouds. What she saw, he neither knew nor felt the need to press her for.

And if his eyes glittered as hers did, she gave no indication of noticing.

The hollow clop of hooves echoed on the pale marble. A pair of fiery steeds approached, drawing his chariot. A bronzed youth held their bridles as they tossed their heads, snorting with impatience.

Aphrodite beamed at the young man and he flushed with pleasure. Who would not with her attention focused on them?

She followed Apollo the few paces toward his chariot, her slender feet silent. She placed her hand on the youth’s shoulder and trailed her fingers down his golden skin. Apollo watched as goose flesh rose on the mortal’s skin. He had no doubt who would be gracing the goddess’ bed in short order.

“Good even’, my lady.” Apollo inclined his head.

“And to you as well. Do remember me to that delightful daemon of yours.” Her sweet smile turned wicked as if she were imagining just how he would do that.

Apollo’s cock thickened at her words. He almost wished Halys were here with him. The show that scoundrel would give her. And she… well, she would not be offended if they made use of her temple. She would likely consider it her just due and a fitting offering.

Taking the reins in his hands, Apollo stepped up into his chariot. Aphrodite drew her youth back, and Apollo turned his steeds toward Mount Parnassus and his own palace.


Halys knelt on the cool marble of the antrum, awaiting his lord’s return. The doorkeeper had kept watch and informed him when his lord Apollo’s chariot was seen approaching. Halys had hurried to the bench next to the door with a pile of soft cloths and a bronze bowl of warm water.

The torches guttered, throwing wild shadows on the walls. Smoke filled his nostrils and spoke of secret things, passions best shared in the dark. Had the goddess of lust and sex exerted her wiles on his lord?

Jealousy blossomed like a poisonous thing in his chest. How was a demi-god to compete with one of the Olympians?

He was still breathing heavily when Apollo strode through the brass-bound doors of his palace. His gaze swept over Halys as warm as the summer sun or the eternal flame in his temple. The heat licked at Halys’ skin and he squirmed, Aphrodite forgotten. He flushed with desire.

Halys hoped Apollo was unable to see the darkening of his skin, preferring Apollo to think him more coolly wanton than was the truth.

How his brothers would tease him if they knew how unworthy he felt every time he threw himself at the god’s feet. He had never dreamt that his attempts to seduce the Lord of Light would bear, and continue to bear, fruit. Halys could not afford to allow Apollo to see his insecurities, not if he wanted to keep his affections.

He would do whatever was necessary to retain Apollo’s regard.

Apollo settled on the bench, sandal straps winding up well-muscled calves. Halys’ mouth watered at the warm musk rising from the god’s skin. With fingers eager for their task, Halys slowly unwound the leather bindings and stroked Apollo’s legs. He wanted to do so much more for his lord.

Halys dipped a cloth into a bowl of warm rose-scented water and wiped the non-existent dust of his travels from Apollo’s feet. He allowed his hands to wander. Apollo’s muscles bunched and relaxed in his grasp.

Anyone could have performed this service for Apollo, but Halys had been looking for an excuse to kneel before him and touch the god’s pale skin. He craved it more than food and drink.

Apollo sighed and leaned back, allowing Halys to ease between his legs.

Halys leaned forward and kissed Apollo’s knee, working his way up his thigh. “Welcome home, my lord,” he mumbled against him, unwilled to be separated from his goal. He extended his tongue and traced random designs on Apollo’s skin.

His lord moaned and reached for him as his cock thickened before Halys’ eyes. He buried his hands in Halys’ hair, dragging his nails over his scalp. Halys moaned when Apollo grazed one of his sensitive horn buds with a fingertip. He leaned forward, rubbing the little nub against Apollo’s finger.

Drawing a deep breath, Halys forced himself to concentrate. If he did not, he would lose control and embarrass himself. But even then, he almost could not resist Apollo’s touch.

He ran his hands up Apollo’s thighs, shoving his chiton higher, exposing him. Trailing kisses closer and closer to his prize, he breathed in the dark, sultry scent. Halys loved the way golden light seemed to shine through Apollo’s alabaster skin when he was aroused.

Apollo’s balls pulled up tight as first Halys’ breath and then his lips ghosted over his sac. He tongued the wrinkled skin, savoring the taste of his god.

Fisting his hands in Halys’ hair, Apollo drew him close. Halys moaned at the sharp tug and sucked one ball into his mouth at Apollo’s insistence. Apollo’s eyes fell closed as he sucked and rolled it over his tongue.

“Yes… like that….” Apollo breathed out and held him in place. Halys moaned once more and Apollo shuddered as if the sound had torn through his body. The grip on his hair loosened. “Now the other.”

Halys complied, releasing one orb and swallowing the other. He reached up and stroked the first, wondering if he could manage both.

Groaning, Apollo brushed his fingers over his horn bud. Halys moaned around his mouthful and lost himself in sheer bliss as the caress went on and on.

When Halys thought he could stand no more, Apollo clenched his fingers in his curls and drew his head back. Almost reluctantly, Halys released him.

Apollo licked his lips and Halys could not look away.

“I have something else for you to feast on.” Apollo turned his gaze down toward his cock, dancing fitfully in his lap.

Halys smiled. “Oh yessss…. You are ever generous with your gifts, master.”

Tousling his hair, Apollo returned his wicked grin. “Shameless slave!”

“Ah… but that is what you like about me.” Halys pressed his lips to the base of Apollo’s cock.

Apollo groaned and let his head fall back against the wall. Halys loved forcing those raw, needy sounds of desperation out of him—like Apollo would die without his touch.

He licked along the vein throbbing on the underside of Apollo’s shaft. The skin soft and warm over a core every bit as hard as the marble Halys knelt on. He pushed the foreskin down with his lips, exposing the purpled head. The girth was always a bit of a surprise.

Licking and nibbling on the crown, Halys swallowed the ambrosia welling up, the essence sweeter than life. But the droplets were not enough. He needed more, wanted to fill himself with Apollo. Dipping his tongue into the wellspring was of little avail.

Clenching his fists once more in Halys’ hair, Apollo pulled him down to the root. Halys opened his throat to accept his lord. Golden hairs tickled his nose and would have smelled strongly of sex had he been able to breathe.

He relaxed and gave himself over to Apollo. His master had a fine sense for these things.

Apollo slipped one hand to the back of Halys’ head, holding him still. Then once more circled his fingers around Halys’ horn bud. He moaned and nearly choked on Apollo’s cock wedged in his throat.

“Yes! So good.” Apollo drew his fingers upward. His other hand moved to the second nub. “You can pull back any time you wish, but I will stop when you do.”

Halys grew lightheaded from the caresses and lack of breath. Reaching under his chiton, he took his cock in hand. He had to hurry if he were to come before he passed out.

“Hands behind your back, scamp!” Apollo admonished.

With a groan, Halys clasped his wrists at the small of his back and sat up. True to his word, Apollo stopped stroking him. Halys only managed to draw in three huge breaths before Apollo guided him back down to his cock and—oh, thank you lord!—returned to slowly driving him mad.

“Good. So good.”

Halys lost track of how many times Apollo repeated this. He was drooling and panting and unable to think. He wanted to spill his seed at the god’s feet, but with his hands still behind his back could not take that final step over the edge.

“What you do to me. I never imagined….”

Apollo pushed him back, groaning as his cock left Halys’ mouth.

Gasping, Halys knelt, awaiting his master’s command. Apollo’s cock wove and bobbed before his eyes, continuing to cast a spell over him.

Finally, Apollo stirred. “I’m not done with you yet, but I think we should continue in my bed.”


Apollo watched Halys totter somewhat unsteadily toward his bedchamber. Served the rascal right for trying to seduce him in the antrum. Why had he allowed it? He should have sent Halys to his bed as soon as the ritual foot bath had been carried out.

How could something so new tie him in knots like this? He was an immortal, by all that was holy. But all he could think about was Halys’ fingers, lithe and limber on his flesh. His sly smile doing all kinds of unexpected things to Apollo’s belly.

With a groan, he pushed to his feet. His slave awaited him in his bed. More than a bed slave if he were honest. A lover to rival Hyacinthus.

When he pushed the door to his chamber open, Apollo caught his breath at the sight of Halys in all his magnificence. He knelt on the bed with his chest pressed against the mattress, his back arched and his ass in the air. Golden light shone on his naked form—all warm skin and dark good looks.

He glanced over his shoulder, jet eyes glinting and his lips spread in a wicked smile.

Apollo moaned and reached for dusky demi-god, and his cock, impossibly, hardened further. He traced the ebony stripes on Halys’ back, drawing his hands over the firm mahogany expanse. Halys shuddered.

Leaning forward, Apollo kissed the back of the daemon’s neck and smiled at his sigh. He proceeded to lick his way down the markings as they arrowed their way toward Halys’ ass. He bit one cheek and Halys jerked.

“Oh! Not fair, my lord.”

“More than fair. How can you expect me to resist something this exquisite?”

Halys chuckled and shook his head.

Apollo parted the perfect globes. “What have we here?”

Oil gleamed in the furrow of Halys’ ass and coated the puckered ring of his entrance. Halys had made good use of his time while waiting for Apollo to join him.

Apollo drew a finger down the cleft and circled his hole. His body gave readily, eagerly to Apollo’s probing and his finger slipped inside the tight heat.

Halys shivered and a deep groan welled out of him.

“Yes, my lord. Please!”

A dark sultry musk filled Apollo’s nostrils. He knew Halys would be steadily dripping now in anticipation of his release. Halys pressed into his hand, rubbing against Apollo finger. The wanton creature would do just about anything to encourage his touch.

“You may not touch yourself without my permission,” he growled.

Halys whimpered and writhed under him. “Please… lord.”

“Not without my permission.”

“Yes.” He pressed his face against the mattress, tightening his hands on the blankets.

Apollo smiled and rewarded him with another finger, dragging both over the swollen nub within. Halys cried out and slammed back against him, channel clenching on him.

“Would you like more?”

“You know I want you. Do not tease me any longer.”

Even as his cock jumped at the thought of taking his ebon godling, Apollo could not resist stroking that place again. Twisting his fingers, Apollo pressed firmly.

“Please!” Halys’ shout broke off into a raw groan.

Apollo applied sweet almond oil to his cock, squeezing the base and pausing a moment to regain control. He intended to take his time, wring every drop of pleasure out of them both. And if Halys found sitting difficult tomorrow, he could always kneel.

“If you want me inside you, hold yourself open for me.”

Halys turned his head and rested his chest on the mattress. Then first one hand and then the other crept back and grasped his ass. He pulled those perfect globes apart and breathed heavily, eyes tight shut.

Taking a moment to admire the startlingly pink flesh centered in Halys’ crease, Apollo squeezed his shaft again. Soon he would be buried in the sweet heat of Halys’ depths, caressed and cradled in his body. But before he allowed himself that pleasure, he would indulge Halys’ desire to be toyed with, and his insatiable taste for penetration.

“In me, my lord!”

“Patience. I will give you what you need.”

He whined again, but remained in place. Perhaps realizing Apollo’s control was slipping.

Apollo stroked his cock down the length of his cleft and back up. He throbbed painfully and painted Halys’ skin with his desire. Halys pulled himself wider and caught the head of Apollo’s cock in the opening.

“There….” he groaned.

Pushing forward, Apollo dipped the head inside and pulled out.


He pushed in, a little deeper this time, stretching the pink ring around his crown. Halys grunted. Apollo retreated again to Halys’ wail. He continued his relentlessly slow invasion, completely withdrawing every time and forcing Halys’ hole to spread further with the next dip.

“Deeper…. I need to feel you!”

Halys was begging and cursing in a steady stream. Apollo doubted the lovely creature even knew what he was saying by now. Finally, Apollo was deep enough to probe the secret source of Halys’ delight. And probe it he did, reducing his lover to inarticulate grunts, no longer even capable of begging.

Apollo took Halys’ wrists in his hands and slid them forward, holding him down as he covered his back. Biting Halys’ shoulder, he drew back and pushed all the way inside. He paused and Halys shoved back with a shout.

“You will hold your release until I tell you. Understood?” When Halys shifted beneath him, Apollo repeated, “Understood?”

Halys glanced up, inky eyes gleaming under sooty lashes. Blinking like one lost in a dream, Halys opened his mouth, but no sound emerged. He wet his lips and tried again. “Yes,” he croaked. “But I cannot….”

“Yes, you can. Now let me show you.”

Apollo drew back and thrust deep, sharp pushes that forced Halys down against the mattress. He kept up this hard rhythm until Halys began to tighten and thrum under him. Then he slowed, gentling his movements while catching his breath.

Halys objected, his words lost in a groan of frustration. He twisted and attempted to push Apollo deeper. Pinned to the bed, panting, he could do little but accept what his lord gave him.

Kissing his neck and shoulders, Apollo began to pick up speed and drive deeper into the welcoming depths.

“Yes… yes… yes….” Halys chanted hoarsely with every thrust. He wailed when Apollo once more slowed.

“Peace.” Apollo bit his shoulder again, breathing through his mouth. He could not take much more of this himself. The need to fill Halys with his seed was overwhelming. As good as delaying it would be, he would stop denying them both.

“This time.” Apollo released the tenuous grip on his control. He rose onto his knees, pulling Halys up with him. With one hand on the curve of Halys’ hip, he buried the other in the springy curls of Halys’ groin.

Halys’ cock was slippery with desire and so hard that Apollo squeezed the base to prevent him from spilling.

Balls tightening with anticipation, he slammed into Halys over and over. He barely heard Halys’ grunts of pleasure over his own gasps as he gave them what they both wanted, needed.

When he could hold on no longer, Apollo stroked his hand up the length of Halys’ cock, rubbing the dripping head in his palm. Halys choked off a scream.

“Now,” Apollo whispered in his ear and picked up speed.

Halys thrashed and howled, ribbons of seed pouring from him. His channel clamped down on Apollo’s cock in forceful rolling waves. And Apollo finally gave into his release.

With a strength that nearly stunned him, Apollo buried himself within his lover’s body. Heat flooded him, cresting and spilling over into Halys, pumping him full of his essence. Apollo could do little but ride out the surge and swell, twisting in the irresistible, insatiable rush. He never wanted it to end.

But even a god could not prolong something so pure and absolute. With a great shuddering sigh, Apollo’s limbs went slack, all his urgency draining out.

Halys collapsed, dragging Apollo with him. They lay there in a tangle of tingling limbs and panting, gasping breaths.

Leaning forward, Apollo kissed Halys’ slack mouth. Saliva gleamed wetly on his lips. The most depraved and debauched of all creatures, but Apollo’s.


Whew! That was good… Thanks again, Kayla!

Here’s all the info you need to get your copy of A Tested Love!

The Apollo’s Men series is set in 5th century BC Greece. Apollo is gathering warriors and their lovers (m/m) to protect his prophet, the Voice of Apollo. The Spartan arc—A Spartan Love, A Tested Love, and A Shared Love—follows Andreas and Theron as they come to understand one another despite their nearly overwhelming differences. Can a helot and a kryptes co-exist?

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ATL Final Cover
Lured by seductive promises, Andreas risked his life to be with Theron, only to find himself betrayed. Abandoned and alone, Andreas resigns all hope of seeing his fierce warrior again and resumes his life as a helot.

All too aware of the harsh punishment Sparta demands of men who love other men, Theron reluctantly surrenders Andreas in hopes of keeping him safe. The warrior returns to Sparta to embrace his destiny in place of the helot he has grown to see as a man, not just a slave. Cold but honorable duty will be his new lover.

Duty proves to be a jealous lover when Sparta demands the final test of Theron’s loyalty. Sent to kill Andreas, Theron must find a way to come to terms with his burning desire for his handsome helot before their forbidden love destroys them both.



About the Author:

Award winning author of historical romance, including A Spartan Love, Kayla Jameth grew up on the family farm in Ohio. An unrepentant tomboy, she baled hay and raised cattle, and her father taught her to weld before she graduated from high school.

She attended Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University and later, Texas A&M University in her pursuit of veterinary medicine, taking her far away from her rural roots.

But it wasn’t all hard work for her, her sojourn as the princess of the Celestial Kingdom left her with the title “Sir” and a costume closet the envy of many knights, lords, and ladies.

After declaring for years that she was not an author, Kayla now finds herself writing m/m erotic romance outside of Houston, Texas. While you can take the girl out of the country, you can’t turn her into a city slicker. Kayla would still rather be outside getting down and dirty with the boys.

She shares a full house with her favorite animals: a dog, two guinea pigs, a gerbil, three guppies, as well as her husband, son, and daughter.

For more info on Kayla and her books, visit her Dreamspinner Author Page, catch up with her on Facebook or Twitter.

Sequel to A Spartan Love
Spartan Love: Book Two
The Epics of Apollo’s Men
Pages: 324
Cover Artist: Catt Ford


Book Blast & #Giveaway : Need Your Love by Dean Pace-Frech!


They finished the drive back to the apartment in silence. Eron’s sincerity had shone through when he spoke of what they had done and his lack of regret. Eron’s words eased the tension between them. At the flea market, with other people around, they had no trouble carrying on a conversation.

Garrett pulled into his parking spot and nodded toward his apartment as they got out of the car. Once inside, Eron lowered himself to the davenport and Garrett plopped down next to him.

“I’ve been a jerk,” Eron said.

“We’re both confused. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It doesn’t help that we both have girlfriends and family that only want what they think is the best for us.”

“Do you and Johnette…you know…”

“Have sex? No. I used to tell myself it was because she was a respectable girl and we should wait.”

“And now?”

“Come on, you know the answer to that. What about you and Mary Ellen?”

“Same situation.”

“Eron, why did you come see me today?”

Eron had struggled with the same question. “As much as I don’t want to be queer, I want to be with you.”

“I understand that,” Garrett said after a while. “I don’t identify with the queens that live in the city.”

“What about our jobs? Our family?”

“Could we make it work?”

“I have no idea. Honestly I don’t. I’ve spent hours plotting and examining every angle and I’m more confused than I was to start. I walled up any feelings I had about other men a long time ago, but you brought them to the surface.”


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Meet the author:

With inspiration from some historical tourism sites, the love of reading, and a desire to write a novel, L. Dean Pace-Frech started crafting his debut novel, A Place to Call Their Own, in 2008. After four years of writing and polishing the manuscript, he submitted it for publication and Musa Publishing offered him a contract in early 2013.

Dean lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his partner, Thomas, and their two cats. They are involved in their church and enjoy watching movies, outdoor activities in the warmer weather and spending time together with friends and family. In addition to writing, Dean enjoys reading and patio gardening.

Prior to novels, Dean did some technical writing in his career. He has written another complete fiction manuscript and has a third manuscript outlined.


Where to find the author:

Email deanfrech@aol.com

Blog: Dean’s Web Site

Facebook: Dean Pace-Frech, Author page or send a friend request Dean Pace-Frech.

Twitter: @deanpacefrech

Google+: +deanpacefrech

Goodreads: Dean Pace-Frech

Pinterest: Dean Pace-Frech


Goodreads Link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/27992429-need-your-love

Publisher: JMS Book LLC

Cover Artist: Written Ink Designs

Pages or Words: 191 pages

Categories: Gay Fiction, Historical, M/M Romance, Romance

Release Date: November 29, 2015


Cover Reveal: The Servant Duchess of Whitcomb by Vicktor Alexander!

Today i’m pleased to host the reveal of Vicktor Alexander’s latest cover and an excerpt from his upcoming novel.

Thanks for visiting, Vic!

The man with two dukedoms, who stared death in the face and won, faces his greatest challenge: love and marriage to a Tafrican servant in a time when the whole of Tlondon would shun them.


Title: The Servant Duchess Of Whitcomb

Series: (Scandalous Whispers of The Remmington Realm, 2)

Author: Vicktor Alexander

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

ISBN-13 978-1-63476-279-3
Pages 304
Genres: Historical, Interracial, Transgender/Intersex, Sci-fi/Fantasy, Romance, Regency, Military, Action, Intrigue


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Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm: Book Two

Orley Garrick is known throughout Angland not only as the man with two dukedoms but also as the hero who survived a brutal kidnapping at the hands of Nafoleon’s army, never once betraying the secrets of His Majesty. Still haunted by his memories, Orley pushes his crippled body to dangerous limits, all in an attempt to run from the demons of his past.

Until he meets Chester Boland, a maid in his friend’s household. Orley is besieged by desire for this gorgeous male woman, and by a connection he cannot ignore. But there are those within the Remmington Realm who take issue with the Duke’s choice—especially given Chester’s Tafrican lineage.

Having stared death in the face and won, Orley proposes they steal away and elope. However, before they can begin their new life, they uncover dangerous secrets that go deeper than they could ever imagine—involving those they trust the most.

Orley and Chester must discover exactly how deep these secrets run before their enemies make sure Chester is removed from Orley’s arms… forever.



CHESTER WOULD never understand the need women of the gentry had for all the frills and baubles just to have tea or luncheon with each other. As he stood in the room of Lady Exeter, he stared agape at the mess that had been made of the dressing room. Shaking his head, he stepped forward and began straightening and cleaning up the room, humming softly to himself. He was glad no one was about, as he would hate to assault their ears with his less than appealing singing voice. While he loved to sing, he knew he did not have the skill for it. His mother, Wilhelmina, had explained to him that just because the Lord did not give him the gift for song, it did not mean that he should not sing. It just meant he shouldn’t do it as a performance in front of others. He was quite talented in playing the pianoforte, however, though no one knew anything of that particular skill. It was his own personal secret. His maldy, Imogen, had told him more than once that his voice was beautiful, but was that not the requirement of every maldy and father, to encourage their girls over their beauty and talent?

“I wondered where I might find you.” A deep voice startled him out of his humming, and Chester let out a gasp as he turned and faced the Duke of Whitcomb, who leaned against the doorjamb watching him with a smile on his face.

“Your Grace,” Chester curtsied, lowering his gaze to the floor.

His Grace frowned as he stepped closer, leaning heavily on his cane. “Come now, Chester. I believe we can dispense with the title when we are alone, don’t you? We have kissed, after all. Don’t you think you should call me Orley?”

Chester was stunned, and he took a small step back, shaking his head. “No, Your Grace. I do not. It is not proper for me to address you in such a manner. You are a nobleman, and while you speak truth about our actions earlier, I couldn’t speak to you in so casual a manner.”

The Duke of Whitcomb took another step forward, and Chester stepped around an armchair, placing his hands on the back of it. He watched the duke carefully. Chester wasn’t afraid of what the man would do to him. He was a fairly good judge of character, and he couldn’t sense malice in the duke’s body language, but he didn’t trust himself where the Duke of Whitcomb was concerned.

As it was, his own body betrayed him. His dick grew hard, and for the first time in his life, he wished he was more prone to dressing as a male. He had never felt that way growing up. For while he was definitely all male, he was a woman, able to give birth, and he felt an affinity to females. He dressed in female clothing, and when he could afford cosmetics, he applied them to his face. He wore baubles and jewelry when the situation called for it. But were he wearing trousers or breeches, the bulge in his groin would probably be displayed much more prominently than in his maid’s uniform—a black linen frock with a white apron over it.

“Are you afraid of me, Chester?” the duke asked, his mouth—his gorgeous pink lips—turning down into a frown.

“N-no. Of course not, Your Grace. I just think one of us should think rationally. While I am sure you are used to having scores of ladies and maids throwing themselves at your feet for the chance to have a quick romp or dalliance, that’s all they are entitled to. And I may be just a maid to you, but I shall not be the light-skirts of any nobleman.” Chester lifted his chin at those words and stared at the Duke of Whitcomb in what he hoped was a look similar to the one his mother, Wilhelmina, had given to the Earl of New Brunswick when he had propositioned her similarly.

He was wholly unprepared for the hearty chuckle that left the duke’s mouth or the way the man clapped before bowing before him. “Bravo, Lady Chester. I am glad you are not given to believe you are somehow less deserving of respect than I, just because I sleep in a certain room of the estate and you happen to clean it. I have said for decades that it was all a crock. Only to those who would find my words amenable, of course, and wouldn’t bluster at my upsetting what they think is their God-given birthright.”

Chester had a lot to process and ask about, or even to point out what was right and wrong about His Grace’s statement, but his brain had gotten stuck on one word in the duke’s entire diatribe. Lady. He called me a lady. Why, he is mad!

Chester shook his head. “Your Grace. I am no lady. I am just a maid. One whose mother is Tafrican.”

He dropped his gaze to the armchair he stood behind, taking in the dark green fabric and gold stitching. His erection was long gone. The skirt of his maid’s uniform now fell effortlessly over his groin, and Chester should have been relieved, but as he looked at his light brown, almond-colored skin, all he felt was an extreme disappointment. This was just another blight against his chance at happiness.

Had he actually been born a lady, perhaps he might have caught the duke’s eye at a ball, and they could have danced in each other’s arms. Maybe the duke would have courted Chester for a few months before asking his maldy for his hand in marriage? But, if his station wasn’t enough, he was also born half Tafrican. While many members of the gentry found him and his siblings quite exotic looking, often wanting them to come and work in their homes for aesthetic appeal, sneers and looks of disgust were tossed his way as well.

No. Whatever foolish notions his kiss with the duke had sprung from earlier that morning, they had to be dealt with and cast aside quickly. Those dreams led only to heartbreak, and Chester was quite sure he wasn’t strong enough to handle it.

He was startled by the soft touch of large fingers tilting his head up, and he found himself staring into the Duke’s pale blue gaze. The Duke of Whitcomb stood over a foot taller than Chester, and his broad-shouldered frame looked as if it could completely engulf Chester’s own slender one. He resisted the urge to press against the hard body in front of him as he stared into the duke’s eyes.

“You are more of a lady than most of the debutantes and women of the ton, Lady Chester. While you may not have been born into a genteel family, that does not mean that you do not deserve the title, nor the respect, because you should have both.” The duke’s voice was low. Sincere. It sent a flush of desire straight through Chester’s body, pooling in his groin and setting his heart into a pounding rhythm.

Without thought, he lifted onto his toes and pressed a kiss to the side of the duke’s lips, then stepped back. “Thank you… Orley.”

The duke bowed. “It was my greatest pleasure, Lady Chester.”


Author Photo_NoireAbout Vicktor Alexander:

Vicktor “Vic” Alexander wrote his first story at the age of ten and hasn’t stopped writing since. He loves reading about anything and everything and is a proud member of the little known U.N. group (Undercover Nerds) because while he lives, eats, breathes, and sleeps sports, he also breathes history and science fiction and grew up a Trekkie. But don’t ask him about Dungeons & Dragons, because he has no idea how to play that game. When it comes to writing he loves everything from paranormal to contemporary to fantasy to BDSM to historical and is known not only for being the Epilogue King but also for writing stories that cross lines and boundaries that he doesn’t know are there. Vic is a proud father of two daughters one of whom watches over him from Heaven with his deceased partner Christopher. Vic is a proud trans* and gay man, and when he is not writing, he is hanging out with his friends, or being distracted by videos of John Barrowman, Scott Hoying, and Shemar Moore. Vicktor has published numerous bestselling novels and has a WIP list that makes him exhausted just thinking about. He knows that he will be still be writing about hot men falling in love with each other, long after he is living in an assisted living facility, flirting with the hot, male nurses.

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