Book Rec: Little Gay Romances: Vol. 1 by Dev Bentham

Dev Bentham’s Little Gay Romances: Vol. 1 is a collection of the flash fiction she sends out every month in her newsletter, Dev’s News Flash.

As a long-time newsletter subscriber, I encourage you to grab this book and also sign up for Dev’s News Flash. I look forward to seeing Dev Bentham’s email every month, with a dose of her wonderful writing. The stories are short, some shorter than others, but they don’t skimp on the substance we all read Romances for. Every one I’ve read has made me feel the tension and spark of a first meeting or the delicious anticipation while I wait to see how the story will play out, and the satisfaction of a complete story by the end.

These are perfect stories to read anywhere—because they’re all low on the heat scale you won’t have to worry about getting too worked-up while reading. 😉 This book would also be good to rec to that friend who’s curious about reading some Gay Romance but not sure where to start, or even whether they would be interested in the genre. By the time they reach the sexy short at the end, they’ll be ready for it!

But, in the immortal words of LeVar Burton—you don’t have to take my word for it! Check out the blurb below. Buy the book and sign up for Dev’s newsletter, and get ready for some lovely Romances!


Sometimes a little romance can leave a big smile on your face. A little love, a little sweetness, a little magic to brighten the day.

This collection of flash fiction from Dev’s monthly newsletter can be read around and between your busy schedule. Plus, it features two longer pieces for when you have time for just a little bit more. Meet sailors and waiters and farmers and tattoo artists—each one searching for that special man who will make his dreams come true. And finding him where they least expect it.

Jordan Castillo Price has said of Dev Bentham’s newsletter flashes, “I love my monthly Dev flash fic!”

Readers looking for low-angst stories with happy endings—who love meet-cutes and chance encounters—will adore this collection of bite-sized sweet gay romances.


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And now for something completely different.

Yesterday I stumbled on a flash fiction challenge on FB, and it was really fun (thanks Siobhan! :)). I ended up writing 200 words that took place 20 years before my holiday story (which I won’t be able to call a WIP for much longer).

Since my release date for A Sunday Kind of Love has been pushed out to July, I’m going to give Jake & Co. a break from the spotlight and shove Ian on stage for this week’s Seductive Studs & Sirens. The poor guy’s only getting about 7K words, regardless of how many stories he tries to tell me, so he deserves a little more love.

“Ian, get in here!”

I leaned my shoulder against the wall beside the kitchen door and peeked in. Wasn’t about to pull off my boots unless it was lunchtime.

“What’s up?”

“That boy down the street—what’s his name, Mike? He’s on the phone for you.”

My gut clenched and the rag that had been spreading the grease over my hands dropped onto my boot.

“I’m busy.”

Granddad squinted at me and I showed him my hands. He pointed a finger at me so I’d stay where I was, and told Mickey he should stop by later.

“What’s that about? You mix it up with him too?”

I rolled my eyes, because that’s what the guys at school did whenever someone asked if they’d been fighting.

“No. The carburetor’s in pieces. It’s not—”

“Wake up and smell the ninety-weight, son. That bike’s a basket case. Only thing worth saving is the frame, and I’m not a hundred percent on that.”

After a short stare-down he waved me back outside. I sat down hard on the driveway on the far side of the bike. Mickey’d better not be stupid enough to come by while Granddad was still awake.

Thanks for reading!

This is a little more than 8 sentences, but as usual I’m sharing for Weekend Writing Warriors and Snippet Sunday too.

Next week I plan to return to following the rules. 🙂