Budget Book Rec: Backstage Beginnings by Erin McRae & Racheline Maltese

I chose this week’s book rec because I’ve read these authors before and loved the stories, so when I saw they had a $0.99 short I snatched it right up.

Two of the things I knew going into this story were that there would be polyamory—which is something I don’t see enough of in queer fiction and love to read when it’s done well—and a musician.


Dates were hard. Dates that involved seeing his boyfriend’s other boyfriend…totally more hard.


Both of those things are right there in the blurb so they’re not spoilers. But I also knew, from reading McRae & Maltese’s work, that the main characters would be in public life—so, maybe a rock star, actor, or something like that. Since my own life is ordinary, reading from a celebrity’s point of view is a welcome change from my day-to-day which is mainly taken up by the Evil Day Job and pursuing an artistic dream that’s a longshot at best.


He was somewhat tempted to play the groupie, as Andrew had halfway suggested. It would at least be a script to follow, but one that came too close to the mix of business and pleasure he was determined to avoid.


It would be spoilery if I told you exactly what these men do for a living and why they’re all together, so I won’t. It would also be spoilery to go into details about the steamier aspects of this short, since it is very short, so I won’t do that either. Suffice to say it was a hot read and I enjoyed every word.

If you’re in the mood for something a little longer, I would also recommend their Love’s Labours series. Which is now available in a single volume (and priced accordingly). Which is convenient because once you read the first one you’ll definitely want to go on to the second! Love’s Labours is an M/M Romance too, so if you’re in the mood for a Romance with actors and age gap, I bet you’ll like it.

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Thanks for reading & have a great week!

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Backstage Beginnings

Jack is dating Andrew. Andrew is dating Christian. And polyamory works just fine for all of them.

At least until Andrew wants Jack to be his date to see Christian’s band play at a local bar. Jack’s all for sharing, but having to make nice about other people’s artistic ventures when he’s not involved with them sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Despite his misgivings, Jack wants to be a good boyfriend and finds himself saying yes… to a whole lot more than he bargained for.


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