News and a snippet!

Hello and welcome to my snippet!

Last week I said I might have some news soon and this week it’s official–the final installment in the Buchanan House series will be published next summer! If all goes well *knocks wood* Dreamspinner will release Art House in August or September of 2018! I’m super excited about sharing Chase & Garrett’s story. It brings the series back to its beginnings (which is a hint :)), while tying a few things up with a pretty bow. I hope it’s a satisfying finale!

In the meantime I’m going to share snippets from the series. Last week’s was from book one, so here’s something from book two: Pride Weekend (it’s short, hot, and free!). This is a tiny bit longer than 6 sentences for context. I could’ve chosen something shorter but I’m going with a theme here–the ways different characters see the house itself.


My suitcase had wheels, but it wouldn’t be rolling on the gravel. Glad I’d packed light—because how many changes of clothes does one man need for three days, even if it is Pride weekend—I carried my things to Buchanan House. Clever. I’d liked the sound of it even before I read the article that practically said it was a gay, landlocked version of The Love Boat.

It didn’t seem grander in person, which was a little surprising considering the pictures online had been almost unassuming. Rustic and homey was more like it—a long, low building with only two floors, surrounded by trees, trees, and more trees. I like the outdoors as much as the next guy, but it was a relief to hear Madonna over the sounds of the ocean when I got close to the open front doors.


Thanks for reading!

To find links to more snippets, visit the Rainbow Snippets FB Group. It’s a public group and everyone is welcome to join.

Have a lovely weekend!

And if you’re in the Seattle area next weekend join us at Read With Pride NW for a weekend celebrating queer lit!


It’s official!

I get to corrupt inspire young minds with my writing! 🙂

Today I signed my first contract for a YA story! “It’s Not Our Fault” will be included in Harmony Ink’s First Time for Everything anthology, to release in September!

Stoked is an understatement. I’m over the moon. I started writing YA almost five years ago, hoping to write the kind of stories I would’ve loved when I was a kid. Back then, in the dark ages when all television was free, there were no LGBTQ sections in the library. If I found a story with a queer character, they were either the villain or very secretive about their orientation (hence my practice reading between the lines :))–and either way, they usually died and then everyone usually celebrated. The End.

Not anymore.

Now people across the rainbow get to fall in love, to be the hero, to solve the mystery, and live to do it again tomorrow. It’s awesome. I’m still having trouble finding books for my bisexual inner-teen, though. So what does a writer do in that case? Write them.

I started my YA pen name, Charli Green, so I could do just that. Most of my story ideas (and WIPs) have female protags, but “It’s Not Our Fault” is from the POV of a boy who graduated a year early from high school. The next fall is full of “first times” for him.

I’ve posted a snippet on Charli’s blog. My hope is that adults who know me as Charley will follow me to YA (if you like that kind of thing), but I really don’t want any minors to follow Charli back here.They can find ERom without my help. 🙂