An autumn inspired snippet…

Hello & welcome to my snippet! Today’s snip is inspired by my favorite season, Autumn, which is almost here!

This is from Tiny House, Buchanan House: Book Two. Nathan has just brought Paulie to see the tiny house he’d had built and they’re going up into the bedroom loft.


He gave Paulie a few minutes to look around, and then Nathan gestured toward the ladder. He stood beside it and waited for Paulie to climb up first.

When Paulie made it within a few steps of the top, he stopped. “Oh. Oh, Nathan, this is….”

He let Paulie take in the view and then climbed up behind him as far as he could. “I’m hoping for a grander panorama after the leaves fall.”

Paulie continued to the top of the ladder and sat on the foot of the bed, still looking out the picture window. The trees were a mixture of fir and alder, and moonlight on the water glittered between them as they swayed in the breeze. Nathan had been worried Paulie would try to stand at the top and hit his head, but it hadn’t even been close.

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Tiny House, Buchanan House: Book Two

Pride weekend is over, but for Nathan Lucas, the summer is just heating up. He appears to have it all. He’s tall and blond, ripped and handsome, and half owner of Buchanan House, a successful gay retreat on Oregon’s beautiful central coast. But his joie de vivre hides a fear of abandonment. When he was twelve his mother had triplets, and instead of the cherished only child, Nathan became a scapegoat for his exhausted parents, and he has never truly dealt with that pain.

Portland chef Paulie Nesbitt is head over heels in love with Nathan. They’ve been drinking buddies with benefits for years, while Paulie has not-so-secretly yearned for more. Paulie’s extra pounds and self-doubt have kept him from acting on his feelings. Their friends know they would make the perfect couple, but Nathan and Paulie will have to let go of past insecurities if they want a future together.


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