Two guest spots and a sale!

Cascades_headerbannerYesterday was Thanksgiving so i wasn’t around much. I watched the MST3K Turkey Day Marathon with the kiddo and ate too much turkey. Hope you had a great holiday if you celebrate, or just a fabulous Thursday!

Brynn Stein was kind enough to interview me for her blog and she posted it yesterday while i was busy gorging on whipped potatoes and gravy. If you’re interested in learning a little about my upcoming release Cascades, the interview is here:

Today i’m in the spotlight over at Nautical Star Books, talking a little about my writing process and (one of) my guilty food pleasures. You can find the interview here:


Dreamspinner is having a sale–35% off the whole store through Nov. 30! This includes pre-orders, so if you’d like to you can grab a copy of Cascades on the cheap here!


No wonder i’m tired!


This has been a busy year writing-wise and life-wise—so busy I’ve been dragging a little so far this month. During times like that, when I’m a little burned out and wondering why I do all the things I do, it’s good to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and then look forward to the good things coming up. Instead of making a list and keeping it to myself, I’m posting it here where anyone can see it. If you have a list of accomplishments you’d like to share in the comments I’d love to see it!

So far this year I’ve released two novellas with Dreamspinner—my first paranormal (The Pinch of the Game) and book one of my first-ever series, Buchanan House.


My Q&A will be on The Romance Review’s Year-End Splash Party tomorrow, November 15! Get in on the fun and maybe win a copy of Buchanan House:


On December 9th my first standalone holiday novella Cascades will be out. It’s a risky book for reasons I’ll discuss on a few upcoming guest spots:
November 19: Cup O Porn
December 9: Dreamspinner Blog
December 10: Erin McRae and Racheline Maltese
December 12: Facebook Chat on the DsP Page


Torque CoverI’ve also been working on 2016. My first book with Samhain, Torque, is scheduled for release on Feb. 23. I love this story so much and can’t wait for it to get out in the world. It’s available for pre-order through Amazon now, but should be on discount through Samhain during release week. (I just sent a new story to my Samhain editor so my fingers are crossed i’ll have another announcement before too long.)

In January I’ll be unveiling a new logo, designed by the lovely A.J. Corza. Torque isn’t a Male-Male Romance so i can’t use my “Regular Guys” tagline anymore. I asked her to work her magic again and she hit it out of the park. I’ll hold a giveaway to celebrate the beautiful new banners and avatars–they’re so gorgeous i can hardly wait to start using them!

In March and April of 2016 I’ll add to my Buchanan House series with Dreamspinner: book 1.5, the free short “Pride Weekend”, should come out sometime in March and book 2, the novel Tiny House that tells Nathan’s story, sometime in April.


That’s worth being a little tired, I think. 🙂

Okay, that’s enough resting on my laurels. Time to work on my third Buchanan House Love Story!

Computer generated 3D photo rendering.

Winners and Updates!

I’ve had a busy summer so far, but that’s no excuse to forget a winners’ post!

PinchOfTheGame[The]_headerbannerThank you to everyone who visited my excerpt tour for The Pinch of the Game. Victoria A. was my winner of a $10 Dreamspinner Gift Card and a copy of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds!

BuchananHouse_headerbannerThe cover reveal Rafflecopter for Buchanan House also wrapped last week. Missy E. won her choice of a backlist book and has her copy of Directing Traffic. Thanks for entering, Missy! 🙂

I truly hope the EDJ will be calming down now, because i have a book blast and an actual blog tour for Buchanan House coming up and i plan on enjoying every minute of it! Stay tuned, because the fun starts August 13 on the Cup O’ Porn blog, where i will not be discussing spiders but i will be giving away winner’s choice of either of my latest releases. 🙂

Buchanan House will be out on August 19 and that’s the date of the Pride Promotions Book Blast where i’ll be giving away a $20 gift card. I’ll also be on the Dreamspinner blog on the 19th, with a post about the origin of the story and a giveaway.

Okay, that’s enough promo for now. I’m working on a new story (with angst and bikers and more angst) which is starting to take on a life of its own, so i’m going to get back to it!

Drop in next week for cover reveals and book blasts and giveaways, and as always, stay safe out there!

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It’s a party!

A TRR Party!

Check out my Q&A tomorrow, Sept 24th, on the event page. The answer is somewhere around here on my blog, but if you’ve read The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds you probably won’t need to look.

Click on the pic above or here to get to the party–hope you win something nice (or at least find some new treasures for your TBR list)! 🙂

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Where am I today?

NestingHabitsofStrangeBirds[The]_headerbannerPhysically, I’m probably at work, but I’m also visiting Charlie Cochet’s Purple Rose Tea House! I’m sharing an excerpt of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds, and giving away an ebook from my backlist (because this gives me the chance to say “from my backlist” :)).

Comment here for an chance to win–I’ll choose the winner before I leave for GRNW on Friday morning!

And since I’m in a very shary mood, here’s a little beefcake–no comment required. 😉

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male symbol in flames



male symbol in flames

Yep, this is how it feels today. Happy Friday!

It’ll be another busy weekend here at Casa Des, starting in the wee hours of Saturday. I’m hosting the amazing Lex Chase’s cover reveal for her upcoming book Americana Fairy Tale! (There’s a giveaway too!)

Hope to see you at my Goodreads Chat (Saturday from Noon-3 Pacific Time, in which i will also give stuff away), and I’ll have a snippet too! Since my lone “on submission” story could use a little luck, maybe I’ll give you 8 sentences of my witches…

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Fall into Love, and other cool stuff…

August and September will be busy around here, and I couldn’t be more excited. (Um, if excited means I think I’m going to hurl, then yeah, excited….)

Once I live through August it’s time for another TRR event—Fall into Love. Join us for fun and games and brace yourself for many, many additions to your TBR lists! Click on the graphic for more details.

Coming up this week, though, is a Book Blast for Shira Anthony’s new release. You won’t want to miss that, it comes with a cool announcement that includes one of my favorite f-words (no, not that one).

I should’ve announced this earlier, but I’m thrilled to be a Pride Promotions blogger! Pride Promotions handled my cover reveal event and it went so well, and Will was so amazing to work with, that I signed right up. I’m glad I did, because already I get to host amazing authors whose work I love.

9-w-cursive-300x300Okay, no more avoiding… Next Monday, August 11th—yep, in one week—The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds will be released. Hopefully I’ll be too busy to go crazy checking rankings and sales numbers, because that kind of obsessing is really no way to spend a special occasion.

Monday the 11th I’ll be hosting a Release Day Party on the DsP blog, and that Saturday, the 16th, you can find me on Dreamspinner’s Facebook page chatting there—hopefully not to myself (stay tuned for time info).

Throughout August and September I get to visit some of my favorite places. Here’s where I’ll be in August:

August 21, Joyfully Jay, where I’ll talk about my amazing cover art and share an exclusive excerpt.

August 23, I’ll be chatting at Goodreads! Last time a reader named the dog in The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds and this time I’ll need your silly/cult/fun movie suggestions for a WiP

August 26 I’m visiting The Novel Approach with a post about charities and an exclusive excerpt!

The release of The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds ends my charity drive for The Trevor Project, but that means there’s still a week left! I’ll donate $1 for every pre-order to The Trevor Project, along with my $25 entry fee for the Rainbow Awards. Click the banner below to visit the Dreamspinner store and get yours!


Calendar Update!

706-1013alfy-sea9.jpgThe next couple of months will be busy for me, but I’ll try not to disappear entirely. 🙂

Dreamspinner is having a Christmas in July event, with different stories every day on sale for $0.99 for 24 hours. Curious Sustenance will be included, so watch for the announcement. (Hint: it’ll be very very very soon!)

Tomorrow, Penny Hudson will be here talking about her new release, Winter’s Risk, and wilderness survival.

Monday I start the new day job. Which isn’t writing related, but I’m excited about it.

Friday, July 11th – Cover Reveal for The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds! Pride Promotions has lined up a bunch of awesome blogs to spread the word about my pre-order promotion benefitting The Trevor Project.

I got a bee in my bonnet while I was lounging on the Oregon Coast, and am at 12K on that story. I think it’ll top out at 20-25K, but we’ll see what the guys have in mind. I hope it won’t turn into a novel, because I’m getting homesick for the wrecking yard romance I started earlier this year. Plus, the plan is to get 2-3 novellas out of this world, and things should go according to plan once in a while. 🙂

In mid-August it’ll get busy around here again, for the release and blog tour and all that fun stuff.

I’ll leave you with another gorgeous pic from Alex Torres. (No, I didn’t see yesterday’s and root through his entire Flickr stream, why do you ask?)

photo credit: Psicoloco via photopin cc

Happy Wednesday!

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The Waiting Game

male symbol in flamesHappy Monday!

Tomorrow Tempeste O’Riley is visiting, along with Chase and Rhys from her latest release, Desire’s Guardian.

Today, in a mild-mannered building across town, people are in meetings that will decide what the rest of June looks like for me (at the very least). I should hear by Wednesday if I have a new day job. *fingers crossed* I’m hoping to keep myself busy today so I won’t think about it too much. Because that could happen…

First order of business: pretty pictures!

Happy Monday All!

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I’m the guest!

CuriousSustenance_headerbannerI’m over at Shae Connor’s place, talking about the Japanese Internment and how it played a small part in my kinky little Romance, Curious Sustenance. I brought an exclusive excerpt–the first one from Miles’ point of view. Hope you like it!