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Hello and welcome to my snippet!

Last week I said I might have some news soon and this week it’s official–the final installment in the Buchanan House series will be published next summer! If all goes well *knocks wood* Dreamspinner will release Art House in August or September of 2018! I’m super excited about sharing Chase & Garrett’s story. It brings the series back to its beginnings (which is a hint :)), while tying a few things up with a pretty bow. I hope it’s a satisfying finale!

In the meantime I’m going to share snippets from the series. Last week’s was from book one, so here’s something from book two: Pride Weekend (it’s short, hot, and free!). This is a tiny bit longer than 6 sentences for context. I could’ve chosen something shorter but I’m going with a theme here–the ways different characters see the house itself.


My suitcase had wheels, but it wouldn’t be rolling on the gravel. Glad I’d packed light—because how many changes of clothes does one man need for three days, even if it is Pride weekend—I carried my things to Buchanan House. Clever. I’d liked the sound of it even before I read the article that practically said it was a gay, landlocked version of The Love Boat.

It didn’t seem grander in person, which was a little surprising considering the pictures online had been almost unassuming. Rustic and homey was more like it—a long, low building with only two floors, surrounded by trees, trees, and more trees. I like the outdoors as much as the next guy, but it was a relief to hear Madonna over the sounds of the ocean when I got close to the open front doors.


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Something is missing…

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beach

Hola and welcome to my snippet!

Last week, Sunday crept up on me so I didn’t get a snippet posted. I’ll try to get caught up. 🙂

This week I’m going back to my WIP in the Buchanan House series. This is from Nathan’s POV. You can find the previous snippet here.

This snippet skips ahead a little, but not a lot. I hope you like it!


The thought that he and Eric, through Buchanan House, had been sponsors of Oregon Coast Pride helped Nathan regain some of his composure. He’d always flirted with the idea of becoming a part of the community in Portland, but hadn’t done anything beyond clubbing and creating a tiny reputation for himself as a fun party guest.

Felipe was still nowhere to be seen, so Nathan pulled himself from his chair and started mingling. While keeping an eye out for Felipe, of course. Lovely Felipe Zarate who never ran out of energy and whom everyone loved on sight.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Masseuse for Buchanan House, the guests had reason to love Felipe as they were rendered boneless by his talented hands.


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The beginning is also an end…

Hand drawing heart in sand on the beachHello and welcome to my snippet!

I’m feeling the Male-Male vibe this week because my next Dreamspinner release has gone into edits and I have a shiny new deadline for the second book in my first-ever series! (I also might have some good news soon, but that’s just a tease for now.)

Regular snippetteers may remember my Oregon Coast story with BFFs Eric and Nathan (Welcome to Buchanan House, to be released in August by Dreamspinner Press!). Here are the first eight sentences of its sequel, which I’ll call BH#2 for now.

Standard warning re: unedited material applies.


Nathan had to slap a hand over his mouth to keep from sobbing out loud. The beautiful sunset touched everything in view with a rosy, golden glow, from the water to the light hair of one of the men gathered at water’s edge, from the matte sand beneath three pairs of bare feet to the shiny brass urn held in trembling hands. Not a word was spoken as the gray ashes blew into the receding tide.

After a moment of silence a haunting melody swelled as the shot pulled back, away from the three figures, away from the deserted beach. At the last moment, the brick path leading from the beach to the backyard of Buchanan House came into view. That’s where the shot froze, framing the ending credits beautifully.

The art room of Buchanan House was filled with people, but the noise level didn’t give that away. The audience for the debut of the St. Clouds’ film This Pretty Life had been reduced to sniffles and sighs.

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