More weekend fun with Jake!

This week’s snippet picks up where last week’s left off (with a little license to smooth it out & skip parts that won’t make sense until you read from the beginning).

Jake ducked back into the salon and almost ran into Antonio. “Thanks for taking care of him on such short notice, you’re the best.”

“You’re right about that.” Antonio kissed Jake’s cheek and leaned back to look at him. “And it was no notice, but who’s counting. You okay?”

Jake ran a shaky hand through his own short hair which, if he were completely honest, felt just that side of shaggy. “Will be, didn’t expect to see him today.”

I promise, the good stuff is coming soon.  I’ll post 8 sentences every weekend until  A Sunday Kind of Love is released on June 9th!

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I am a warrior!

I’ve been meaning to sign up with the Weekend Writing Warriors because they have a linky list—because, let’s face it, peer pressure works—but keep forgetting until I see everyone’s posts.  This week I’ve planned ahead!  (Okay, I wanted to ditch my Rules of Evidence assignment twenty minutes ago.  That counts!)

The Weekend Writing Warriors are a lively group, posting 8 sentence excerpts and then running around and reading and generally having a blast with all the fiction.  So, here’s my contribution.

My excerpt is from A Sunday Kind of Love, my upcoming release from Amber Quill Press.  This is Jake’s story (his POV) and he’s just left the spa with his (grown) son, who he’s hardly seen in the preceding fifteen years.

He pretended not to see Antonio’s look that said it’d been a long time since he’d indulged in a lot of things the salon had to offer.

After a fun couple of hours Jake and Jacob headed for the car. Jacob stopped just outside the door to admire himself in the window’s mirror-like surface.

“You should go on back and talk to that guy whose chair you were in. He was checking you out, Dad.”

Jake watched as the boy turned his head to see his new look from every possible angle.

“Looks good.” Jake resisted the urge to run his palm over the boy’s head, like he had when DJ was two they’d had to give him a buzz cut after he’d gotten into some paint.


Thanks for reading!

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