Elliott House: Quin

Elliott House: Quin is the first book in a new series, featuring the men who have made it their lives’ work to help the LGBTQIA+ youth living at the Elliott Foundation House. This is a spin-off of the popular Buchanan House series.

Henry “Quin” Quinones made a horrible mistake when he was seventeen. The next day, his secret high school boyfriend had vanished. Quin thought his bad judgement caused Jeremy to abandon him, and he’s been hurt, angry, and alone since that day.

When Jeremy heard his secret high school boyfriend had died in a tragic accident, he ran away. Lost and grieving, he tried to create a life far from that disaster, in a world without the boy he loved.

They both had it wrong.

Fifteen years later, Quin has worked hard to make a life for himself as a social worker at the Elliott Foundation House. He loves his job helping LGBTQIA+ youth get off the streets, and he’s living on-site to escape the loneliness that defines his off-hours.

When Quin gets a text from Jeremy out of the blue, he almost doesn’t respond. But maybe if he hears Jeremy’s side of the story, he can finally leave the past behind and move on.

Can the truth be enough to heal fifteen years of pain, and give them a second chance at forever?

Warnings: This book contains scenes of brief violence and a hero in peril, mentions of past tragedies, and the ongoing struggle of a hero who has lost two families.


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