New Release! Finn (Single Dads of Gaynor Beach) by Jessie G


The second Single Dads of Gaynor Beach book is available! Fall in love with Finn & Nash!

Nash’s wanderlust sent him running once, but when he finds what he’s been searching for in Finn, can he convince the single dad he’s home for good?

At eighteen, Nash Galasso couldn’t get out of Gaynor Beach fast enough. The seaside town was too confining, too nosy, and came with too many expectations. Quick visits kept his sandy roots alive, but no matter how many times his brother asked, Nash refused to be guilted into moving back. Not until a boating accident left his niece and nephew orphaned, and he was the only family left to raise them.

Finn Brody loved everything about living in a small town. The quaint community was close-knit and accepting, and when he got the chance to go to a prestigious university, he happily turned them down for community college and fatherhood. All he wanted was to give his son Sawyer the same childhood he enjoyed, and though Finn never expected to raise his son alone, he could only do that in Gaynor Beach.

In high school, they were acquaintances passing in the hall. When they meet again, Finn is the man to help Nash settle the estate. Their easy friendship is a bonus they both welcome, but it’s their growing attraction that makes Nash realize that everything he’s been searching for is waiting in the place he left.

Buy your copy and read today! Available at all major ebook retailers!


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