A back door snippet…

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This week’s snippet is from a brand new short erotic Romance that’s free through July 15th! Read to the end & find out how to get your copy!

Back Door Stories: Joey is first in a spin-off series of bite-sized erotic romances in the Buchanan House world centering on the back door hookup culture at the camp. Series readers might recognize Joey from Safe House, but will probably like him more here. ❤ The story is all from Joey’s point of view, and the first line is his.


“Can I bum one of those?”

He took a drag of his smoke, lighting up full smirking lips. I listened to him exhale as he slowly emerged from the shadows. The fairy lights caught on his white tank, illuminating a lusciously-muscled body. He leaned a bulky forearm on the railing, dangling his smoke from long graceful fingers and absently flicking ash into the flower bed.

“If that’s what you’re looking to put in your mouth, sure.” He scoffed, as though he knew what I was there for.


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My contribution is a brand new short in the Buchanan House world, and first in a spin-off series of bite-sized erotic romances. Click here, or on any of the pictures in this post, to get to the event!

Back Door Stories: Joey

I’m a stone cold player. One night a week.

Six nights, I take care of the elderly residents of a care home. Thursdays, I crash welcome parties at a swanky LGBTQ hotel near my small town. My heart got broken once and it wrecked me. Now I get a happy ending every Thursday night.

Guests enter through the front door of Buchanan House and a hookup culture thrives around back.

Partially thanks to me.

When the weekly welcome party doesn’t pan out, I knock on the back door of a second-floor room. Sometimes I’m disappointed, but most of the time the door opens on the kind of anonymous encounter I live for.

One Thursday night I meet a man who changes everything.

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