💕 An IRL Happy Ending!💕

My latest book dropped this week, Velvet Cuffs, Kink Awakening: Book Three, so of course I spent a some time working on ways to let readers know about it. Since the tropes are second chance, a Dom who thought he understood his kink, and silk and lace, I needed to showcase the silk and lace.

I spent hours looking for pictures on several stock photo sites but none showed me photos of sexy men in lacy lingerie that I would consider using to promote Velvet Cuffs. As you can probably imagine, a lot of the searches turned up MF couples and women in all manner of leather and lace—and hey, I love kinky gals, but that’s not what I was looking for. 😉

So, naturally, I whined and moaned to everyone in my household about the lack of appropriate fetish pix I could use to promote my kinky book. My cats weren’t very helpful but my kid was. (She’s an adult so don’t @ me.)

During my searches, I’d found several photos of Etsy shops offering amazing lingerie for men—including gorgeous pictures that I would have grabbed in a hot second from any stock photo site. So, the kid suggested I contact a seller and ask to use one of their photos in exchange for sharing their link. I’d thought about that for a second or two but not seriously. She convinced me to give it a shot, and I’m so glad I did!

Out of all the shops, I was drawn to CarlWesley. The designs are gorgeous and the photos definitely made me want to hang around and look. I messaged the shop owner and he got back to me within minutes! He was very open to the idea, and he contacted the model to get his permission as well.

Needless to say, this story has a happy ending just like Velvet Cuffs. I’m able to use the lovely photo I had my eye on, and hopefully Wes and Erik will get a boost from it as well.

So, the question on my mind now is This or That? Leather or Lace?

Which do you prefer??

CarlWesley Shop: CarlWesley.com


Model Credit:

Erik Robles
Facebook: m.facebook.com/erikrobles.graphicdesign
Instagram: itsdarikrobles


Velvet Cuffs, Kink Awakenings: Book Three

Josh Keller never thought he’d host a wedding reception—his kink club is a place where he tends bar and chains willing men to the padded wall in his private room. He also never thought he’d see the love of his life again. When both happen on the same day his life will never be the same.

Pax Dupont never stopped loving Josh, not when they fought and broke up and not during the fifteen years they spent a thousand miles apart. Coming face-to-face with the man he left behind is a surprise, but learning Josh is part owner of the club intrigues Pax enough to share his own love of silk, lace, and domination.

Will Josh and Pax put past hurts behind them and admit their feelings still run hot, or will Pax’s desire to dominate Josh break them up for good?

Warnings: This book contains a brief scene of violence and a hero in peril, mentions of past abuse of a child, grief over the death of siblings, a man who loves the feel of silk and lace, and one who thought he understood his own kinky nature.

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