A holiday snippet…

Hello Snippetteers & Happy Holidays!

Whatever you celebrate or if you don’t celebrate anything at all, I hope you had a fabulous week!

I’m sharing from my new Christmas story again, Handspun. Which, I’m sure you won’t be shocked to hear, I forgot to announce! Release Day was Friday, 12/18, and this little book has done surprisingly well, making it to #5 in LGBT Short Reads and into the top 100 of the Romance Short Reads category on Amazon!

This snip picks up a couple of lines past where last week’s ended. (You can read that snip here.) The first dialogue belongs to our hero’s crush. ❤


“Come on, Mark. I’m Chris.” He stepped near enough to offer his hand to shake. When Mark hesitated, Chris placed his other fist on his hip and frowned. “You really don’t remember me, do you?”

“Something is familiar about you, but I thought maybe I’d just seen you out sometime. At a bar or…”

“Picture me with a bright blue fade. Ten years younger and oh-so twinkier?”

Mark froze. Periwinkle blue hair popped right into his mind. The periwinkle blue hair he’d tried so hard not to notice in high school.


Thank you for reading!

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Handspun: A Gay Christmas Romance


Nobody gets lucky in a yarn shop.


For once, Mark hasn’t put off his Christmas shopping until the last minute. When he heads to a yarn shop on the day before Christmas Eve, he has more on his mind than a gift for his grandmother. He hopes to get a closer look at the shop’s owner and get over the crush he’s been nursing for weeks. Mark wants to find his grandmother a special gift, but he’s the one who’s in for a holiday surprise. 



This story features a buff blue-collar fish-out-of-water with a crush, a fierce entrepreneur, a sexy knitting lesson with a happy ending, and an unusual Christmas party.


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3 thoughts on “A holiday snippet…

  1. Nice. I bet he failed to notice that hair in highschool as much as he’s not going to think about Chris now. You had me at knitting with the blurb.

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