A Handspun snippet…

Hello Snippetteers & Happy Holidays!

I hope you’re well and staying safe out there!

I’m sharing from my new Christmas story again — HANDSPUN will be out next Friday, December 18th! 🙂

This snip picks up a couple of lines past where last week’s ended. (You can read that snip here.)


Mark silently berated himself for walking away from his crush. In his defense, he’d been sure that actually meeting the man—standing face to face with him and speaking to him—would end the infatuation as fast as a pin ended a balloon. Instead, he felt hot and prickly and itching to make a move. The guy was sending vibes like a spotlight pointed at the night sky.

No. Get what you came for and go. Nobody gets lucky in a yarn shop.


Thank you for reading!

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