A magical snippet…

Hello snippetteers! I hope you’re staying safe out there!

This week I have a snippet and an offer for you. First, the snippet (but be sure & read the bit after the snip :)).

Metal, Magic & Mayhem is a dark romance that’s with my editor now & I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’m sharing from it outside of my reader group. The story follows two guys as they perform illusions at a traveling heavy metal show.

The snip is seven sentences because it sounded better that way. #SorryNotSorry 😊

Dean was not only on auto-pilot, he was slow in slipping the handcuffs because he was busy thinking about the peek he’d gotten of Steve in the shower that morning. Their hotel room was even tinier than the stage and he couldn’t help but see. It wasn’t the first time he’d been treated to a view of Steve’s shower-slicked skin. The rooms they splurged for were always tiny, so it didn’t take any special maneuvering to catch a look at his sculpted abs and tempting cock. Dean loved the way Steve’s dark blond hair patterned the gentle slope of tanned skin on his back, the sections shaped like the blades in their act, all pointing to his nearly fluorescent-white round ass. It also wasn’t the first time the sight had drove him to horny distraction.

First time during a show, though.

 Thanks for reading!


If you liked this snip & want to read the whole story you can, either by joining my Facebook reader group or subscribing to my newsletter. Metal, Magic & Mayhem will be free to group members and newsletter subscribers (as soon as it’s finished :)), and it won’t be available anywhere else. I’ll be sending the newsletter in about a week, so don’t wait!

In the meantime, visit Rainbow Snippets and check out everyone else’s stories!

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