New Release (a little late!): A Buchanan House Love Stories Collection


Hello folx! I just realized I never announced the release of the Buchanan House boxset on my own website!

Release day was June 23rd, and the boxset is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. The set includes the entire series plus a bonus epilogue written for the collection—3 novels, 2 novellas, and 2 short stories in all, over 1,600 pages of romance!

Except for a couple of shorts that are going to be freebies (read to the end to learn how you can get copies!), all of my former Dreamspinner titles have now been re-released. I’ve self-published them under my own label, CeeTwo Publishing. (If you see them out there under any other name, please give me a heads-up. <3)

To be honest, I never wanted to go indie. I would rather have found a new publisher. But, after six years of less-than-stellar experiences at every press I worked with, it will take a while to rebuild my trust in small presses. In the meantime, I’m working to recapture the love of writing for its own sake—and to find the courage to keep putting new stories out into the world. It’s not easy to do everything on my own—there’s always something besides writing that needs to be done, and I’m sure many things have fallen through the cracks. I appreciate the patience and support of my fans and fellow authors alike—you are the reason I’m trying to get new stories finished. You are the reason I keep showing up on social media, even when it’s difficult and feels like I’m typing in invisible ink or shouting into the void.

So, if you like beach reads, created families, and hard-earned happy endings, please give A Buchanan House Love Stories Collection a try!


A Buchanan House Love Stories Collection

Buchanan House, an LGBTQIA+ retreat on the Central Oregon coast, welcomes everyone under the rainbow. A diverse group of characters touch each other’s lives—sometimes to stay, sometimes just while they’re needed—enjoying good food, friendship, and the chance for love. At Buchanan House family is defined by love and everyone deserves a happily ever after.

The Buchanan House series follows a created family as all the major players—and several side characters—find their HEA.


Anniversary Weekend

Attend a surprise wedding at Buchanan House, and revisit the happy couples from the series!

The Buchanan House family is preparing for the 5th anniversary of their grand opening. Everyone will be there for the festivities, including a Guest Chef Night that Ryan has been agonizing over for weeks, and a sweet surprise wedding!

Buy the boxset or read free on KU!



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