The 4th Pride Month snippet (a little late)…

Hello Snippetteers & Happy Caturday!

I hope you’ve had a great week & your weekend is off to a good start (whether it’s a long one or not). Last week I’d planned to post my 4th Pride Month snippet, but the time got away from me while I was promoting the release of the Buchanan House boxset!

So, a week late but maybe more appropriate (see the end of this post for why that is :)), I give you a snip from Holiday Weekend! This is a little more than 6 sentences, but more than one is very short. 🙂

Nathan grinned. He’d been hesitant to close Buchanan House for Christmas weekend, but was glad they had. They seldom enjoyed the privacy to do whatever they wanted without the need to think about who was around or what chores awaited when they’d finished. Eric hadn’t given him much choice in the matter, though, and Nathan was prepared for a friendly “I told you so.” Or two. It wouldn’t be the first group wedding they’d held at the camp, but it would be the first with three couples from their family.

Thanks for reading!

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