A new (ish) release snippet…

Hello Snippetteers! I hope you’re safe & well! I’ve had #quarantinebrain and totally forgot to post about my release on May 15th! I’d planned to share some snips in the weeks leading up to the release, but that didn’t happen either. So here’s one now!

This is from the opening of The Demon & The Bass Player, my first-ever Horror Romance! There are 7 sentences, because it just made more sense. The last one is short, but you can skip it if you want to. 😉


The ghosts of machinery lay outlined in dust and grime on the floor, like bodies at a crime scene, and the only windows formed a ring around the top third of the two-story room. Except for the skylight in the center of the ceiling. Perhaps its purpose had originally been ventilation, but with clouds scudding past the full moon framed by the skylight, it made Reed shiver. He wished he could take Zach’s hand to steady himself, but Zach had hung to the back of the line, as usual.

Besides, it wasn’t as though they were a couple. A few hookups to ease the pain of a breakup, or threesomes with a current boyfriend, didn’t count. Except in Reed’s mind, they did.


Thanks for reading!

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The Demon & The Bass Player

Reed thought “summoning a demon to make a deal” was a euphemism, or maybe a team-building exercise. The members of struggling alt-rock band Wishbone Crow are desperate for success, and their souls seem like a small price to pay for musical immortality…until it all goes horribly wrong.

When the ritual goes sideways, will Reed and his friend-with-benefits Zach escape with their lives?

Grab your copy: Amazon Universal Link | PayHip



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