A creepy snippet…

Hello Snippetteers & Happy Caturday! If you’re celebrating this weekend, I hope you have a lovely–and safe–holiday!

Today I’m snipping from a WIP that completely disrupted my plans for this morning. It’s very rough–as in, I just wrote these words a few minutes ago–but I’m sharing anyway. I need all the writerly energy I can get right now. Even though this isn’t my official Camp NaNo story, I’ve written my 1K on it today (plus a little more) so I’m happy!

For some reason I’m doing better with creepy/scary stories so far this year instead of the fluff I had anticipated (and planned for LOL)! But I’ll take it! #Quarantinelife is better with voices in my head, they can tell me any stories they like. 😀

No intro for this one, because I’m not 100% sure where it’ll end up, or how long it wants to be. Don’t forget to squint while reading so these un-edited sentences won’t hurt your eyes. 🙂


Dave always shuddered when he passed the sprawling old house. He swore the temperature was always colder than on the rest of his route—even in the summer the sun never seemed to penetrate the mature trees and the shadow of that house. He would have preferred a different route entirely, but he took his elderly neighbor’s dog with him when he ran, and the path between the lake and the crumbling Gothic mansion was the best, and safest, place to run. The sun was a distant memory everywhere on the shortest day of the year, but when Dave came in view of the house he still shivered.

Jack, the energetic German Shepherd Mr. Brown adored, pulled at his lead and let out a short bark, taking Dave by surprise. Jack had never so much as stepped out of the heel position, regardless of how excited he was to go for a run.


Thanks for reading!

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