A de-licious snippet…

Hello Snippetteers! I hope you’re well & happy on this lovely Caturday!

I’m starting to settle into my pandemic routine—it doesn’t feel quite so shocking to wipe down groceries or work with what’s available on (mostly-empty) store shelves instead of planning my usual meals. Shelter-in-place isn’t as difficult for me as it would be for an extrovert, but it’s still taken some getting used to.

Not only do I have a snippet this week, but I’m also working on a winter holiday story & finalizing my anniversary short in the Buchanan House series. It feels great to be having fun with my writing again!

This week’s snip is from Silken Ropes. For some strange reason, this will be my first time snippetting from it since its re-release! March was much busier than I’d planned!

This is the second time Ross has been to the club, and it has an extra sentence—it’s only one word, and I thought the snip would be incomplete without it. 😊


Ross emerged into another large room, this one decorated in emerald green with all the tassels and candles and richly gleaming metals he’d come to expect. A small group of people lounged on what looked like a sectional sofa covered in green velvet, watching something beyond Ross’s field of vision around a corner. He moved as quietly as he could to get a look at the scene. A slim young man stood in the center of a small stage that appeared to be surfaced in thick, hard rubber. What Ross could see of his bare chest shone in the spotlight that was trained on him, his hands were bound behind his back with a short bar between them, and he was blindfolded. All he wore was a black thong. De-licious.


Thanks for reading!

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Silken Ropes

The best cure for a broken heart is a Shibari artist.

It took Ross Jensen ten months to lose 98 pounds, but the day he makes Lifetime in Weight Watchers he loses another 220 in an instant when his boyfriend dumps him. He’d never heard of a “chubby chaser,” but he’d been living with one for a year. Ross’s BFF offers him her guest room and drags him out to her favorite sex club. He’s hoping for a little action—or at least a distraction.

When Miles Shigihara is not busy designing meditation gardens, he practices Shibari. He’s looking forward to a relaxing evening at his club, but is captivated by first-timer Ross. Miles doesn’t hesitate to approach Ross and treat him—and a small audience—to a steamy scene.

Irresistible chemistry and a shared love of ropes draws them together, but Ross will need to leave his body issues behind and get comfortable discussing his boundaries if he’s to have a future with the man who’s managed to tie his heart in knots.

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