A “horrible” snippet…

Hello snippetteers & Happy New Year!

I’m snipping from Nesting Habits again this week. The snip is a little long because I couldn’t find a cool one that was shorter. Maybe next week I’ll search earlier, instead of after work when I’m hungry!

Last week Lee invited Phil to see his band play. You can read that snip here. This one is after the show on their way to grab some coffee.


They walked side by side. Phil wanted to watch every muscle and memorize the way they moved but already felt out of his depth, so he kept his eyes forward. Mostly. They rounded the building, and Lee gently bumped his arm against Phil’s shoulder.

“So, what’d you think of the music?”

Phil shivered with the effort to keep from laughing out loud. “It was horrible.”

Lee made a loud questioning sound and turned to walk sideways beside Phil. “You’d better be smiling when you say that.”

“Oh, I w-was.”

“It was pretty horrible, wasn’t it?” Lee sounded so proud.

“You’re a rock star. But yeah, h-horrible.”



Thanks for reading!

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Have a lovely weekend!


Nesting Habits


All he ever wanted was to be a normal guy….

Phil Brask spends his days in the basement of his mentor’s Victorian home, converting legal documents into electronic format. When the pipe feeding the water heater bursts, Lee Redding arrives in the plumber’s truck and draws Phil away from the narrow focus of his computer and camera lens. Lee gives Phil hope for a life beyond the walls he’s constructed using the nesting habits of migratory birds and dense legal files, a guided tour through a world filled with romance and music…maybe even family. But there’s a reason Phil retreated behind those walls, why he panics at a simple touch.


Lee has a good life—working with his uncle and on his mother’s farm, playing bass in a horrible metal band, and hooking up when he pleases—but he’s always suspected something was missing. When he meets the hot photographer with the icy-blue eyes, he knows exactly what that something is. Phil isn’t like other guys, but neither is Lee beneath his carefree exterior. Maybe Lee’s the perfect guy to show Phil that everything doesn’t have to be done the hard way and “home” isn’t a four-letter word.


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