Free Book Rec: Scrum by P.D. Singer!

If you’ve been following my budget book recs you know I hadn’t read Sports Romances before. Well, I enjoyed Synchronicity by Keira Andrews so much I went looking for another!

“Scrum” by P.D. Singer is the story of a runner who meets a rugby player…eventually. 😉 I really enjoyed the crash course in rubgy, and the action scenes (both on the field and off!) pulled me in.

“Not rugby league, none of that hoity-toity, stay-halfway-clean play, but scrums, mauls, and rucks!”

We only get to know three characters in this story—it is a shortie at 37 pages—but none of their interaction reads as rushed, flat, or stereotypical. I’m not familiar with rugby players, though, so my thoughts on Yves are based on the overall skill in the writing. By the end of Chapter One I had complete trust the story would take me somewhere I wanted to go. “Scrum” is another little gem that I missed when it first came out (2014), when I was just getting started in the M/M Romance genre, so I can only imagine how amazing Singer’s latest books are. I think she even has another Sports Romance…

Sebastian spoke with fond memory in his voice. “Nothing like responding to a war chant with big swinging dicks.”

I miss watching American football, a lot, (but refuse to support their racism, even if they’ll never know the difference) and have just made a plan to spend this fall and winter searching for a few more short Sports Romances. Heck, I might even go crazy and read an entire Sports Romance novel!

I’d love some recs—any sport, any length of work, as long as it’s free or $0.99. But mainly free because I don’t make enough to support my fiction habit and I’m sure I’m not alone on that score. So drop those recs in the comments here or on Facebook, or Tweet me a rec—they’re all good! TIA, folx!

Find P.D. Singer’s Amazon Author page here.

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One look at the Canadian rugby star now playing on his local team turns Robin Isley into a super-fan. He’ll attend practices, cheer every game, and bleed with every tackle, but he won’t come close enough to get an autograph or say a few words.

Yves Dubois’ team runs faster, passes better, and scrums harder when Robin watches: they’ve been winning steadily. Yves has a blinding smile for Robin after practices, but never stops to talk.

Robin needs to know if Yves’ grin is only joy in the game. Finding out will be Robin’s birthday milestone, but first he needs to give himself the gift of courage.

This short story also appears in the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” anthology volume 10.


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