Free Book Rec: New In Town by Annabeth Albert!

With these Wednesday budget fiction features I’ve had two goals: to highlight some great free fiction and to read outside of my comfort zone. So far, so good on both counts!

I don’t usually read military Romances, or stories that feature kids, but couldn’t pass up the chance to read New In Town by Annabeth Albert. I’ve read some of her work so I knew the writing would be excellent, and I wasn’t disappointed. As an added bonus, we get some kids at Halloween!

“I love princesses,” Ethan volunteered. “They’re not just for girls.”


I loved New In Town, the writing was tight, the characters very real, and the story pulled me in so that I almost felt like I was getting a warm welcome to a new home and town along with Alex & Marco & the kids. The blurb warns that the side characters are from her Out of Uniform series, so they weren’t as fleshed out as the main couple. I didn’t mind not knowing their backstory but I’m sure it would make this sweet story even more enjoyable if you have.


“Mattress on the floor. No sheets. I’m flashing back to college right now.” Alex laughed, but Marco growled.


New In Town isn’t Albert’s only Prolific Works Exclusive story, but it was the farthest from my comfort zone so I chose it. I’m glad I did. If you’ve read it & liked it too, let me know in the comments (please remember this is a rec blog, not a review blog 😊).

Annabeth Albert has more books on Prolific Works, including series tie-ins and holiday shorts & you can find them all here.


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New In Town

A sexy stand-alone short featuring married couple Alex and Marco, who are facing a cross-country move and all the challenges that poses for their little family. But with a little help from some fan-favorite Out of Uniform heroes, the couple will learn that good things can sprout from fresh starts. (New in Town is a steamy addition to the Out of Uniform universe, but stands-alone with a new couple for fans to meet and cameos from some existing favorites too! 10k words!)


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