Free Book Rec: Like & Subscribe by Jay Bell

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Like & Subscribe by Jay Bell has been around since 2013 and if you haven’t already read it (or even if you have :)) it’s worth your time to check it out. Maybe you weren’t reading MM Romance back then, or maybe (like me) you just didn’t hear about it when it was released. Many good books are released every week—every day—so it’s nearly impossible to keep up with them all.


“…Evan’s obsession had started the way it did for the other half-million subscribers. He’d discovered one of Tony’s videos on YouTube, lured in by the little thumbnail image of a searing hot guy without his shirt on.”


This free story is 54 pages of fun escapist Romance. I don’t know about you, but I’ve watched YouTube videos and wondered what the person behind the persona was really like. In Jay Bell’s book, his main character gets to find out—and doesn’t exactly get what he was expecting!

Of course, it’s more fun when things and people aren’t what they seem. If they were, there wouldn’t be any mystery, and very little conflict, in stories. I like to keep guessing how the characters are going to get their HEA until the very end—I know they’ll get it, but the journey is the fun part, the reason I read any kind of Romance, and M/M Romance in particular. I don’t read a lot of comedies, but this one had me chuckling (and groaning 😊) out loud a few times.

“I was fat, had no sense of style, and probably smelled like Doritos.”


If you like awkward main characters, brutally honest gal pals, great pacing and snappy but realistic dialogue, you might enjoy Like & Subscribe by Jay Bell.


Check out Jay Bell’s author page here.

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Book CoverRemember that hunky guy on YouTube who caught your eye? The one with the awesome pecs and killer smile? I bet you couldn’t stop watching his videos. Just imagine if you had a chance to meet him and all your fantasies started coming true. There’s only one catch: Between you and your dream guy is his less-than-pleased boyfriend. They say that love conquers all, but can love conquer love?

Like and Subscribe is a new short story by Jay Bell, the author of Something Like Summer.


This book is free as of the publication date of this article.


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