An Easter egg snippet…

Hello & welcome to my snippet! I took Caturday off this week so this is a little late. It’s a bit from Art House that includes a location you might recognize if you’ve read The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds and/or Better Than New. Chase’s surprise visit from Garrett’s BFF Jess includes breakfast and the TLC he’s in need of.

She patted his hand and led him two blocks to a hole-in-the-wall coffeehouse he’d been to maybe a handful of times, and sat him on a small sofa covered in blue-and-white-striped fabric. “Stay here. I’ll be right back.”

Chase looked around, but everything looked just a bit off. It’s me. I need food and coffee. Or maybe the place was actually surreal. On a high shelf behind the counter sat a row of what looked like sculptures made from broken coffee cups.

Thanks for reading!

To find links to more snippets, visit the Rainbow Snippets FB Group. It’s a public group and everyone is welcome to join.

For more about Art House, check out the Buchanan House series page at Dreamspinner or use this Amazon Universal Link.

Have a lovely weekend!


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