A cool little snippet…

Hello and welcome to my snippet!

It won’t be long and I’ll be able to share the cover L.C. Chase made for Art House. It’s literally smokin’. The Novel Approach will host my cover reveal on Thursday, 7/19 and I can’t wait! For now, here’s a steamy little snippet that ends on a cool note. It’s NSFW, but not too far over the line. 😉


Chase kissed Garrett’s shoulders and started working his way down. “You’re burned.”

“I’m burning, you mean.” Garrett pulled the knot in the rope holding up his shorts and pushed them to the floor. His cock bounced stiffly for a second before Garrett leaned his body against Chase’s. “I want you.”

Chase walked him backward the few steps to the bed closest to the bathroom and took the time to toss the blanket away so they could lie on the cool sheets.


Thanks for reading!

To find links to more snippets, visit the Rainbow Snippets FB Group. It’s a public group and everyone is welcome to join.

For more about this series, check out the Buchanan House page at Dreamspinner or use this Amazon Universal Link.


Have a lovely weekend!


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