Happy Trans Awareness Week!

180px-transgender_pride_flagToday my daughter went to class, and her school’s way to mark Trans Awareness Week was to fill the cafeteria with “Say Their Name” posters. This is a junior college, and the best they could do was to say, “Yeah, a bunch of trans people died.”

That ticked me off.

But, I’ve spent too much time angry over the past week or so. To counter that feeling I’m going to rec books where NOBODY DIES!

Coffee Boy by Austin Chant

A Boy Called Cin by Cecil Wilde

genderqueer_flag-prideBoth of these books are important to me in different and very personal ways. I know I had at least one more, but have been fighting a cold for a few days so I can’t remember it right now. If I think of it, I’ll share tomorrow.


Take care of each other out there!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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