A soft embrace…


Hello and welcome to my snippet!

I was thinking about sharing more from Holiday Weekend because the cover reveal is next Friday and I’m getting excited about its release. But then yesterday Torque was featured on Megan Derr’s “Books I’m Thankful For” spot on ARe, which basically rendered me speechless for half the day (I was able to say thank you :)). So before I dive in to my final proof for HW, here are six sentences from Torque.


This snippet takes place the day after a violent incident at Bell’s Wrecking Yard, where the story is mainly set. Scotty is watching, but Mick and Mercy don’t know that. I could go on and on, talking about this story and the characters, but it’s not strictly necessary to enjoy this snippet.


Scotty could’ve sworn Mick’s arms shook while he wrapped them around Mercy. She did that thing she does, stepped into the hug so you could feel how soft she was, and Mick’s eyes fell closed. The hug didn’t last long, but long enough. Mercy was a lot softer than she looked. If the blonde woman was Mick’s type, he liked that kind of soft, and his face while he had Mercy in his arms said he did. That was a sight Scotty wouldn’t have wanted to miss. He didn’t go around thinking about sex much, but watching Mick and Mercy together made him wonder what it would be like to have them both in his bed at the same time.


Thanks for reading!

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