A Safe House snippet & announcement!

RSMMmedHola Snippetteers!

I’ve made good progress on my edits for BH#5 so am taking some time out to actually participate in Rainbow Snippets this week, instead of pinning and running. 😀


Safe House will be released in ten days (!) so I’m snippetting from it today. This is after Guest Chef Night at Buchanan House; Kyle and Bran and the whole family have just had a great meal and most of the crowd are heading out to go dancing in Lincoln City.


As they headed for the lobby, Kyle said, “I’m in room eight.” And if he hadn’t meant the invitation Bran heard, someone was about to be very embarrassed.

Bran stood in the lobby as Kyle mounted the stairs, his heart pounding at the view of Kyle’s trim but round ass. He waited there as long as he could, not more than a moment or two, and then followed. His knock on the door of room eight was met with silence and then slow footsteps. The door opened slowly, revealing a slightly startled Kyle.


Thanks for reading!

To find links to more snippets, visit the Rainbow Snippets FB Group. It’s a public group and everyone is welcome to join. Have a lovely weekend!

Now for the announcement!

Beginning on September 12, pre-order Safe House and get Tiny House (BH#3) for $0.99 at the Dreamspinner Store! Click the banner to read Chapter One in its entirety but don’t pre-order until the 12th if you’d like a sale copy of Tiny House!

SafeHouse_headerbanner Buchanan House Book Two, Pride Weekend, is always free at the Dreamspinner store and All Romance eBooks.


 My Rafflecopter, loaded with two chances to win Buchanan House (Book One in the series) goes live on Monday, Sept. 12 also. You can find the giveaway at MM Good Book Reviews on the 12th, along with a post about the development of the story and an exclusive excerpt, and on the blogs of a few lovely author friends throughout next week.


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