A sweet, lingering snippet…


Hello Snippetteers and welcome! It’s nice to be back after deadlines and Pride monopolizing most of my last two weekends. I’m looking forward to making the reading rounds later. 🙂


In honor of almost having the cover art completed for BH#4 I’ll be snippetting from that story today. We’re in Brandon Smith’s POV, he’s at a communal table at Buchanan House having dinner—sitting next to someone else readers of the series will recognize. Bran has just asked how long Kyle stayed on the beach after he was called away earlier that afternoon.

Sorry if that intro is overly cryptic—the snippet is edited, so there’s that. 😉

“About another hour or so. The wind picked up, or I would’ve finished this—” Kyle leaned over and swiped the screen twice to reveal the side where the dragon had been. He had gotten a friend. The dragon was cool, a little cartoony but not too silly, and when Kyle paged through the pictures, he also leaned against Brandon’s arm. The silvery-gray shirt was thin, and Bran felt the lines of a muscular chest beneath it. Kyle was slender but obviously not skinny—still, Bran hadn’t expected him to have defined pecs any more than he’d expected Kyle to press them against his arm. A quick glance said Kyle knew exactly what he was doing, and the effect it had on Brandon. After a sweet, lingering moment in which Bran’s face pointed at the screen but his mind was full of the desire to run his hands over Kyle, to feel the hard body beneath what was probably a soft and touchable shirt, Kyle moved back into his chair.


Thanks for reading!

Don’t forget to hop over to Facebook for more links to snippets of LGBTQ+ fiction. The Rainbow Snippets group is thriving and we have members writing all sorts of lovely stories. If you’re not a member and would like to be just ask, I’ll be around all weekend to welcome new Snippetteers!



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