Deeper and slower…

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Now that my two heroes in BH#5 have been introduced here’s a snippet from their first one-on-one interaction. We’re in Ryan’s POV and he’s just reported for his first day at his new job.

The usual warnings apply. Un-edited material ahead. 😉


I reported to Puddle Jumper bright and early and found Glenn waiting outside the front door. He’d been leaning in the doorway, staring at the ground between his black shoes, wearing a serious or maybe even sad expression. As soon as he saw me he stood away from the building and the grin that had grabbed me right in the gut two weeks before did it again.

“Hey. Ryan, right?”

“Good morning.” I felt ridiculous. I’d used the voice I used to hide behind at home—deeper and slower than the one I considered my real voice.


Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Deeper and slower…

  1. I wonder if Glenn’s grin is as much a mask as Ryan’s voice?

    (And why does his voice make me think of Mr. Humphries from Are You Being Served? when he answers the phone.)

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