No delicate flowers here…

RSMMmedHappy Caturday, Snippetteers!


It’s that time again, when writers and bloggers share 6 sentences of queer fiction for your (and our!) reading pleasure!

Last week I shared from my upcoming release “Pride Weekend” the free short Dreamspinner generously allowed me to offer as a thank-you to readers of the first book in the Buchanan House series. I’d thought it would be book “1.5” because that’s how it seems to be done with the freebies, but since Amazon only likes whole numbers it’s ended up being Book #2.


This snippet is before last week’s and is from Adam’s point of view. I think that’s enough intro–it’s pretty obvious what they’re up to. 😉


My speculation about how wonderful it would feel to touch Silas fell far short of the reality. His compact body was covered with absurdly soft skin, but he was not a delicate flower. Silas held me down and brought me so close to orgasm so fast it made me dizzy.

I tried to pull back and make it last, to go slower, but he only rutted against me harder, faster. When I tried to get one hand between us, he laughed—not in a mocking way. It sounded like exultation, as though he were reveling in a hard-won accomplishment.


Thanks for reading!

My double cover reveal event concludes Saturday, April 2nd at 11:59 pm ET, but if you’re reading this before then and are interested, you can get there from here. The placeholder cover below is a link, if you’d like to reserve your free copy at the Dreamspinner store.

Don’t forget to head back to the Rainbow Snippets FB Group, where you’ll find links to more snippets of queer fiction from new and established authors. You might find historical fiction, YA, something sweet or something spicy, but the common thread is that all main characters will identify as LGBTQ+.


Pride Weekend, by Charley Descoteaux

Release Date: April 22, 2016

Overworked cubicle jockey Adam Byron wants to attend Oregon Coast Pride in style but the price of a room at Buchanan House, a popular gay retreat on the central coast, is beyond his budget. So he won’t miss out, he advertises online for someone to share expenses. Corporate drone Silas Grant responds to Adam’s ad, and the two get to know each other via texts before meeting at the coast. They agree on a no-pressure roommate arrangement, yet once they meet face-to-face their attraction is undeniable. Desire might simmer well beyond Pride weekend, no matter how hard Adam and Silas try to live up to their noncommitment pact.



9 thoughts on “No delicate flowers here…

  1. Love the tension between what he wants to do and what he’s actually experiencing. I can just imagine Silas’ laughter there too, so full of joy.

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